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It had to be you


When I was twenty-one I took a three-month trip, and when I came home I was surprised by a couple of things:  First, how much the children in our church had grown, and second that life went on without me when I was gone and I wasn’t really missed.  I have been thinking a lot about my life lately (especially how quickly it’s passing by), knowing that God is really up to something all around the world, and wondering if He would use me in His plans.  This morning I was contemplating my trip to California next week.  I am going to attend a women’s conference because when I read about it I got excited and felt a “Go!”  It spoke about the mantles of some of my heroes of the faith (Maria Woodworth-Etter, Aimee Semple-McPherson, and Kathryn Kuhlman to name a few).

I’ve always had this dream to be like them, especially Kathryn Kuhlman, who walked so closely with Holy Spirit.  Whether I ever “did the stuff” or whatever that may look like was not something I thought much about because what matters to me is closeness to Him.  When you are in love you will do whatever He asks.  I’ve had a yearning to know Him, to hear His voice, and have been chasing Him for years (even though He is always with me, lol).  Jesus’ words from almost six years ago, “I will come to you” still ring in my ears, one of the handful of times I’ve heard His voice so clearly that I felt as if He was right beside me.

I’m on Doug Addison’s daily prophetic word email list.  Yesterday’s was to ask God to confirm things that you have been asking for.  I have been asking to see.  I want to see in the spirit, so all day I was asking for confirmation.  I didn’t see anything through the day but hoped for a dream when I went to bed.  Well, if I dreamed I don’t remember, but I wasn’t discouraged or disappointed.  Perhaps my trust is coming into a maturity, but I am learning to rest and not strive.  He is at work in me, and that is what matters.  That said, as I was eating my breakfast I was contemplating the conference next week and wondering what God has for me there.  I know it is going to be an adventure.  I thought about my life and found myself questioning (again, because I do it often) what my destiny is, whether I was just dreaming or if those prophetic words really were true.  Had He really chosen me to walk in signs and wonders?  Right then a song began to play.

I knew the tune and the title but not the rest of the words, so I Googled it and listened as Harry Connick Jr. sang a song that went straight to my heart.  Holy Spirit spoke as He often does through music.  Oh, how I love Him!  By the way, today’s word is:  New strength, healing and wholeness is going to start flowing like a river.  I receive that!

Last night in Nome


My time with my friend Rhonda has flown by.  It’s been an adventure though!  We crammed about as much as two people could in our almost ten days together.  Last Sunday night (my first full day in Nome) we went to the AOG church for the evening service.  There was a guest evangelist and afterward he did ministry.  We stayed in our seats and were praying, and when he was done he walked back to us.  It kind of startled me, actually.  He asked if we were lifelong friends and said he saw our mission as being prayer and that we were to “pray through.”  Then he started to prophesy over me and said something like “this new chapter is about what God is doing in you” and that I wasn’t to look back but forward.  I wish I’d have recorded it but I didn’t see him coming, lol.  He went on to say something about God breaking the bands of something and that coming here/getting away was a divine appointment and that there is a divine purpose in our life and it is new.  Also said we will have dreams and that he saw angels all around me.  I’d like to see them…or better yet see Jesus.  Anyway I thought it was so like God to have someone come and give me another do-not-look-back word and encourage me like that!  Where can I go from Your presence?  Though I go to the farthest corner of the U.S., still You are there :).

Last night Rhonda and I spent a couple hours in prayer at her church.  To me “praying through” usually involves praying at an altar (I think of Azusa Street and stories from there, especially).  This morning she had a dream (and she said she never dreams, lol).  We were together at a hotel and had checked out and I got out of the car and went back in because I forgot something or needed something.  She waited but then decided she needed it too so she drove her car into the hotel lobby and parked it by the elevator so I would see it.  Interesting dream.  Makes me wonder if we should go back to the church tonight.

Earlier in the week we went to a Bible study with some younger ladies and afterward I got to pray for one who had neck pain.  After the first prayer it was better and she let me pray again and then after the second it was all but gone!  Yay, God!  And then we got a call that the Northern Lights were out!  I felt as if God was celebrating my taking a risk but sending those :). They were in the distance but still very beautiful to watch, which we did for about 15 minutes and then went back to Rhonda’s.  I am told that an hour later they came back over Nome and were brilliant, and I missed them!  Ahhhh!~  Well, I have one more night (tonight), so perhaps (like on our trip in 2013) they will come back on my last night here.

Rhonda and I had fun taking used clothing and making new things with them.  My favorite is actually an old flannel shirt we got at the thrift shop in town which I bleached halfway up.  I love it!  And I made a necklace out of the key and charms I brought.  Lots of sweet memories from this trip.  At one point we tried to extend my stay, but because of Iditarod the cost would have been more than the price of the original round-trip ticket!!!  Ah, well, it’s just as well.  I have a funeral to officiate on Friday (one of the ladies from the nursing home passed away last week).  This is the wife of the man whose funeral I officiated last summer.  Not my favorite thing to do, but people are open to the gospel at funerals because they are contemplating their own mortality.  I am praying hearts will be open.

John comes home tomorrow around noon.  He was away with Kevin skiing in Colorado.  They had a great time.  I leave on the evening flight and have a long night of travel, getting into L.A. around 6 a.m.  From there I need to find my way to Union Station and then hop the train to Covina and meet up with relatives.  I will probably be bushed.  What was I thinking?!  Hopefully someone will take me back to LAX for my 10:00 flight home.  Kevin will pick me up at 6 the next morning.  And I was just getting used to the time change here!  I never got used to the cold, though.

We are already planning my return trip this summer.  I love Nome.  There is something about this place that draws you.  I think it’s the sense of community.  In the winter especially they are so isolated.  They have learned to rely on each other and to get along.  Sure they have issues (I wish the bars would close, most of those issues would disappear!), but there are a lot of good people here trying to make a difference.  Rhonda is one who is making a big difference in people’s lives!  She loves well.  I am glad I get to hang out with her and call her friend!

New Shoes


Every girl loves new shoes (probably every boy, too, for that matter).  Last night before I went to bed I read a post on Facebook by a prophetic friend:

I hear Him speaking of shoes… He says that you’ve come as far as you can in the boots that you’ve been walking in for some time now. He said to enjoy a moment of rest and reflection because he is getting ready to give you new shoes in order to be able to successfully handle and navigate the new terrain that He is taking you to and through.

It’s time to let go of the old and put on the new, beloved ones. He has called you beyond where you have tread in the past several years.

It’s upgrade time… be assured that when you put on the new shoes, you will be amazed to be able to briefly look back and see just how far He has brought you… indeed, you will be more than ready to move forward on the new ground that He has prepared you for

I read this right before I went to bed, so it was the last thing on my mind.  I remember wondering if I would be getting new shoes and even asking for a pair.  I thought perhaps I might have a dream or something, and though I did dream, I don’t remember any of them.  Then I got up this morning and jumped barefoot into my day as Kevin got ready for work.

Before he left, we got into a minor argument.  It didn’t last long because as he does on Tuesdays and Thursdays, he left to do a prayer walk with a Christian brother up the street.  After he left, the Lord went to work on my heart. I realized what had happened, why it had happened, and was able to understand what needed to change.  The “old program” that had turned on got written over, and when Kevin came back I was able to talk with him and agree with him on some things and even go on to explain why I said what I said, how part of that was actually me trying to protect my heart, and that I appreciated his letting me express my feelings (right, wrong, or otherwise).

We all have “guardians” in our hearts (well, most of us do).  This happens because when we are young bad things happen and we “separate out” to deal with the pain and trauma.  It is our way of surviving and I honestly believe that is completely normal and okay!  But we aren’t to stay that way.  God wants us to be whole!  I have been telling the Lord for a long time that I want to worship Him with my whole heart.  For my heart to be whole, my “parts” have to come back together.  Recognizing the voice of my guardians has been huge.

In the past when thoughts would come and beat me up after I did something I always thought it was the enemy.  Sometimes it is, but I have come to realize that it is probably a guardian who is trying to shut me up, to keep me from talking, because so often in my life when I talked bad things happened.  Because of my insecurity I would frequently say or do things to cover up my embarrassment and actually make it worse, lol.  To this day most of my memories involve my saying or doing something stupid.  (Of note here is the fact that that curse, “You’re stupid” was spoken over me for years.)  Anyway it is as if I have a guardian who is in charge of my memory.  She only brings things back which will remind me of mistakes I’ve made so I don’t make them again and go through any more pain.  She does this in an attempt to keep me silent and not take any chances, to protect my heart, and she’s done a good job of it.

I tell her now that she can rest, that she doesn’t have to do that anymore because Jesus is my protector.  I thank her for her hard work all these years and encourage her to come back and join the rest of us (sounds crazy, I know, but it’s what I do!).  It is a process, one I have to practice over and over, but the journey into wholeness is good journey and one we all need to be on if we want to find true peace and rest.  I’ve lived with the fake kind long enough and wore those shoes out.  I like this new pair, they’re really comfortable :)

Two years


Tonight I’m planning on going to the GSSM graduation.  I haven’t been there as much this year and because of that I don’t know most of those graduating, but there are a few I have had the privilege of walking beside these last few years, and I am looking forward to honoring them and their accomplishment.  I realized today that it’s been two years since I graduated.  Two years!  The years sure know how to fly.

I had a dream a couple of days ago.  In it a blimp was being launched.  I noticed as it went up that a woman was attached to one of the tethers.  At one point she was afraid it would come off so she reached up and grabbed the rope with her hands.  In the meantime me or someone radioed the blimp and it came back and lowered her to the ground so she could get off.  As it’s taking off again she swings the tether free of a tree (to keep it from getting tangled in the branches) and then it comes around and instead gets caught in three electrical wires.  I grab the tether and try to tear it loose but I can’t, so I yell to a man standing there to get a knife.  End of dream.  This morning I had another dream, this time where an eagle landed on my head, grabbed it, and flew off with me.  It kind of reminded me of Kayle Mumby’s owl story where the owl landed on his head (though that really happened!).

Anyway I had the sense in the first dream that I was both watching and participating, that that was me attached to the blimp, that was me trying to keep the tether free, and then trying to free it again.  Interestingly enough I went to bed the night before discouraged because of something I posted in a forum.  It wasn’t a bad thing, but I thought in hindsight how stupid it must have looked and felt kind of embarrassed.  I tend to be kind of impulsive and that’s not all bad, but I should have recognized that I needed to let what I typed marinate before I hit “post.”  I think (now that I’m licensed, especially) that I should be careful what I do and say because in a way I represent Global now.  But shouldn’t I already be careful because I represent Jesus?  And I am, but I start “shoulding” on myself about how I should behave in front of people and how I should stop trying to be funny.  ~Sigh~  So the realization that I still have some fear of man in me and/or wanting to be accepted is what I went to bed with that night, and I was pretty sad.  In the morning I was praying (and crying, as usual) and just basically asking God to do something.  And then the phone rang.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  There are people God puts in your life who He prompts to call or write or speak a word at just the right time, and Laurie is one of those.  I shared my dream and my frustration with myself over this stupid little thing, and she made sense of it.  She reminded me that dreams are like pictures of what He wants to do in and through us and that He is faithful to keep us from stepping out if we’re carrying things that will sabotage where we’re going.  That said, it is miserable when you realize your heart is ready but there’s this stupid little thing you can’t seem to shake, the thing that’s holding you down, so to speak.  He knows my desire to be completely submitted/committed to Him.  He also knows I have an active, get-it-done personality and that’s part of God’s plan for the type of person I am.  I mean, He determined my personality!  She went on to say, “I have to think that even that part that you feel like you’re struggling with is part of His equipping to accomplish the particular plan He has for your life.”  That said, most people probably have one or more things in their life that they wonder, “Why can’t I get over this?!”  Aren’t you glad He doesn’t let us “get over it” until we get rid of the stupid little things?

He is on my side and I belong to Him.  The dream was like Him saying, “We’re almost there, there’s just a little more work to do.”  But sometimes (most times, actually) that work is painful, and an aversion to pain is one reason people don’t pursue the Lord all the way to that place of death to self.  Somewhere along the way they say, “I’m pretty comfortable in this spot and I’m not willing to endure any more pain.”  Being broken is painful.  Or is it the realization of just how broken I am?  Probably some of both.

So I will focus on the blimp that is free and flying, the promises He’s given, the prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled.  I will hold that out like the joy before me and remind myself that brokenness is part of the journey to be in the place I’ve asked God to take me.  I trust Him.  He’s a good, good Father, and He knows what He’s doing and will bring this work to completion!  It feels good to rest again :)



I took my laptop to Voice of the Prophets last week thinking I would have time to write while I was there.  I should have known better, lol.  VOP was off the charts this year.  Kevin and I stayed at the Marriott (which is definitely the way to go).  It started with the Network Meeting on Wednesday.  Global Awakening is doing some amazing things through its network members.  Larry Randolph spoke at that meeting and then again in the evening.  After the evening session five of the twelve ladies who had been in Moravian Falls got together in the hotel restaurant.  We had a great time catching up.

On Thursday Kevin and I worked cameras in the morning so the students could do the prophetic presbytery.  I remember serving on that as a student and can speak personally into how much effect it’s had on my life (it was a prophetic word at VOP in 2011 that launched me on this journey).  Anyway, doing cameras made for a long morning of standing, but Jamie Galloway spoke and it was great.  After lunch we headed down for our prophetic words.  We went as a couple, and I made a beeline for the first-year student who prophesied over me at the Pursuit conference in January.  I wanted Kevin to get some of that, lol.  He blessed our marriage and then went into individual words.  He saw the Lord taking me under His wings at this time, nestled right under His wings like Psalm 91, teaching me about abiding under the shadow of the Almighty.  Psalm 91 has been highlighted a lot to me lately.  In fact, I painted a picture with it in mind on Saturday (more on that later).

I don’t have the schedule in front of me so I’m probably mixing it up, but I believe it was Thursday afternoon we heard Kayle Mumby speak.  I didn’t know he’d been one of Randy’s interns a long time ago.  The Lord kept him hidden for about ten years, teaching him many things and growing him in the prophetic.  He’s a great speaker with a powerful anointing.  He spoke again on Saturday and shared about the angel with the pillar of fire and an encounter in his trailer out in the middle of nowhere in Canada.  Crazy stuff.  And God is using him in big ways.  I loved his stories and his heart.

I’d never heard Shawn Bolz speak before either, though I’d seen some YouTube clips of him doing crazy prophetic words at conferences and meetings.  It was amazing to watch, and his accuracy was incredible.  Needless to say, we bought his book, “Translating God”, and I’m looking forward to reading and gleaning what I can from it.  James Goll reminds me a lot of a neighbor of ours, and at one of he sessions he started off with Steve Swanson sitting at the keyboards.  The whole session turned into worship, and it was so good!  A friend who is a seer said she saw things starting to open up over the stage.  It definitely felt as if something was happening, though I didn’t see a thing.

Friday night was the commissioning service and I received my license!  What a journey it’s been!  I feel as if I’ve come full circle.  I’m so grateful for Randy and his ministry and am honored to be a part of it.  It was very special to have Tom Jones pray for me as the apostolic overseer.  He also prayed over my hands for an increase in healing in them and an increase in discernment and words of knowledge to know exactly what is wrong with people.  Mike Hutchings reminded me that I have the authority :)  Jamie Galloway prayed Psalm 91 over me (there it was again) and said there have been things come against me and “pulled arrows from my back.”  He said God is taking me higher and that He is my rear guard.  Shawn Bolz prayed a prayer of impartation.  He said more but unfortunately I don’t remember!  (Ugh!)  Kayle put his hands on the sides of my head and kept praying for an increase in His presence.  When James Goll came by he stood in front of me.  I’d had my eyes closed and he told me to open them.  Then he touched the edges of each eye with his two fingers and said, “Grace.  Grace.  Grace.  Grace for Patti.”  He got pretty emotional when he said it.  Made me wonder what he was seeing.

That evening Randy spoke.  One of the things I love about him (and there is a lot to love) is that he leads by example.  Inspired by Shawn Bolz, he asked the Lord for those types of words so he could step out.  He heard pretty well, too!  At one point he called out a phone number (or I suppose it could have been a Social Security number), and no one stood.  I dialed the number and it went to a recording so I left a message which they will probably think was crazy.  I thought perhaps I’d hear back from someone but I didn’t.  But maybe they kept the number and will use it in the future when they need prayer for something.  Randy then did something unusual.  He called out two first-year students to give words.  They both did a great job, but the second one (the one I made a beeline for the day before), well it was like watching Shawn Bolz at work!   Everyone was blown away, and he looked quite relieved when people stood up for them.  Did he get them all right?  No, but the ones he did get were on a level most of us dream about.  There is a huge call on his life, and Randy is taking both of these young men under his wing, which I think is awesome.

After the service ended there was ministry time.  I got prayer from David Leach, who prayed that I would hear His voice better than ever (amen to that!).  Our friends from the “Happy Church” in Baltimore had come and were getting really touched.  We eventually made our way over to the place where Kayle was praying for people and got there just as he was praying for another friend.  That turned into quite the memorable ministry time!  We eventually got to bed after midnight.

Saturday morning Shawn met with the GSSM students (including alumni) and we had a good time of teaching.  We got back to the auditorium about halfway through worship, and then Shawn spoke again.  It was during that time that I painted a picture of an angel wing.  At lunchtime I met another painter, and we ended up talking to a Muslim man who shared that he had a friend who was having trouble sleeping.  Later that day I decided to give the painting to him to give to his friend.  I hope it helps her sleep :)

Larry spoke in the afternoon.  As he’s walking out to take the mic he says, “I have a word for Kevin.”  That was unexpected!  I quick opened up my phone to record it.  Kevin was very encouraged (as was I).  We met up with our Amish friends for dinner.  I gave a word to a lady at Subway (just a little one, and of course afterward I think of things I should have said).  Then Jamie spoke.  I noticed that Kevin started to do the twitchy thing (from electricity) and had fun with that because sometimes he’d do it when I put my foot against his leg, lol.  Then Jamie started to prophesy over people.  He did a few and then called out a number which I instantly recognized and I jumped on it!  It was the number that was assigned to us when we joined ANGA (and I remember thanking the Lord that it was an easy one to remember, lol).  So I stood up and made Kevin stand to his feet, and we got an interesting word.  Let’s just say Cuba is now on our radar.  Oh, and having our youth renewed is a happy thought too :)

Sunday morning I drove to York to hear Ravi Kandal.  It was interesting that the passage he preached from was the devotional Kevin and I listened to on our way home from VOP Saturday evening.  And I saw an alumni from the school there and God gave me a picture for her which encouraged her.  I love the gift of prophecy.  It is so encouraging and uplifting, not just to the person receiving it but to me too because I’m like, yeah, I do hear from God!  I need to step out more.

Kevin leaves early tomorrow morning for a few days and I’m sure I’ll find plenty to do.  Yesterday I push mowed the yard and it took five hours.  I’m still tired.  I did manage to plant some vegetables in the garden and do some weeding today.  I hope we get some rain soon because it’s starting to really dry out.  I’m still pretty “soaked” from the conference :)

The Divine Treasure Hunt


Before I dive into what’s really on my mind this morning I thought I’d post that things went well on Sunday, my first day of preaching/sharing at the nursing home in town.  There were a few distractions–shouts in the hallway, a resident who would burst into tears throughout, one who kept interrupting–but it was all good, a learning experience for sure, but I was able to share a message of hope and then got to pray for each of them.  I wonder how I could have lived here all these years and not been moved to spend more time there, but it is what it is.  Kevin and I will both be going back, and in fact I was there yesterday to clean the window in the room of one of the ladies I spoke to a week ago.  She remembered me, which is surprising as she battles dementia.  Then again, I did pray for her that day :)

Last night we went to bed early and I woke up at 11:39.  I remember thinking one more minute and it would have been 11:40 and that that was significant somehow.  So I came out to the kitchen (where the laptop is) and decided to hop onto Facebook.  I have been keeping a running document of words from prophetic people, cutting and pasting those that speak to me (I think I’m over 40 pages already!).  There were two I watched, one by Dale Mast, who said:  “I just heard God say this is gonna be the time, record-breaking time for the gifts of God to move through the body of Christ. And I even felt there was something special that God was releasing from Florida that was going up the East Coast, up the 95 corridor, and it was going to be literally be like a, the presence of God in a powerful way. Watch the record-breaking events in 2016, and watch how God is shaking the gift of God inside of you. God bless you! Expect great things in 2016.”  Earlier in the day I had received a text from a friend:  “God is going to activate our spiritual senses.  No more limitations!!!”  I’ve been praying for that, specifically that I would see and hear more clearly.

So the next thing I watch is from Lance Wallnau.  By now it’s midnight and I notice it is entitled “The Midnight Watch” so I click on it.  He mentioned the time he was recording and it was twenty minutes to twelve (11:40, hmm).  I had the thought come to me that God wasn’t going to let a day go by without showing me this, and that’s why I woke up at 11:39 (that’s about as 11th hour as it gets!).  Anyway, among other things Lance said:  “A prophetic word for YOU in this hour! Look for the Lord to visit you in the form of a person who is carrying a gift you need. This is the Issachar anointing. “One who brings a gift with him.” It could be a gift of insight or ability or resource or connection. It’s your missing piece!”  Okay, so I go back to bed and have a pretty restless night but I’m still thinking about this.

Fast forward to this morning.  I’m settling in to do my Pray As You Go ap, and it’s a passage in 2nd Timothy.  I love the thought-provoking questions that are always asked.  “And if those words were spoken directly to you, that ‘you have a gift of God that is within you’–a gift that you can rekindle–what would you want to do about it?  Might all this be true?  Might all of those “ifs” in fact be true?….The reading tells us that our calling and the gifts we receive are freely given by God, not created by us, or earned, or deserved by our efforts.  What gift–that you have not earned–do you feel the desire to ask for from God?  Pray for it in your own words.”  I didn’t hesitate.  “Healing,” I replied.

A few seconds later I get a text from my from Mary, “How are you today?”  I had to smile, knowing it was a setup.  We ended up talking and she shared some very helpful things and then told me about someone named Glenda Green.  She’d been introduced to her stories because Bob Jones mentioned her.  At one point she’s like, “I don’t know why I’m telling you all this.”  I think I do :)  I hopped on the computer and did a search and ordered two of her books.  I also found her channel on YouTube.  Might she be the “missing piece” in my life that Lance mentioned?  It looks like very deep stuff, but I plan on finding out.

There are times when I get discouraged because I seem to be stuck.  This isn’t one of those times, lol.  In fact I have to wonder, looking back, whether I’ve missed other “little things” that God may have brought across my path, how many times I may have “seen a burning bush but not turned aside.”  It feels like a divine treasure hunt.  He just keeps feeding me bits and pieces to see if I really want them!  “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”  Fill me up, Lord!



A week has flown by already.  So far so good!  2016 has been pretty sweet and I’m enjoying my “pic a day” project.  I’ve been taking it easy, still healing from the back injury on Christmas Day, and find that slowing down has been a very good thing.  For one who used to measure her days in terms of what got checked off a list, it would appear I’ve not had a productive year, but I’m learning to rest.  I am still, however, waking up most nights in the middle of the night and that can make me quite tired through the day.  After what seemed like an hour-long “personal tropical vacation” I finally got up and am writing this.  I suppose my body is going through “climate change” lol.  I could write a book:  “Is This a Heat Flash or is This Holy Spirit?” except I don’t know the answer!  Think I’ll plug in my earplugs and listen to today’s “Pray As You Go” reading.  Maybe I’ll get some answers :)

Kevin took off work Friday because there’s a conference at Global  (“Focus”) with Larry Randolph, David Wagner, and Bob Hazlett we’re going to attend together.  I think the last conference I attended was VOP last April.  Should be an interesting one, but in any event it’s a good way to start the New Year.  And who knows?  Maybe God has a word for us there.