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Dreams etc.


I’m back in a dream season again and the good news is I’m remembering more of them.  The bad news is some are corrective.  Wait, that’s good news too, because God loves me enough to talk to me about my “stuff.”  Thankfully, after I dealt with that I had subsequent encouraging dreams.  One was interesting in that there was a big military jet that was hovering in the sky like a helicopter (if that doesn’t scream “supernatural” then nothing does!).  I remember thinking that it shouldn’t be able to do that, lol.  People were in lines waiting to get onto buses and planes and trains.  I sensed it was a mustering of troops and they were being shipped out to the harvest fields!  I joined a line and looked down and started finding jewelry.  I think I found two necklaces with hearts on them and one had a diamond in the back.  Someone asked how I would find the owners and I said I would advertise but not give all the information and the owner would have to give the missing part.  I also found a gemstone in the grass.  After that I had a dream that I was building a nest and was very happy when I realized it was a eagle’s nest :)

This morning I dreamed I saw an old friend (actually a second cousin).  Her nickname is “Pickle” (although she spells it “Pickel”).  Anyway she told me she may be getting separated/divorced and wanted to give me her address.  I didn’t have anything to write it down on so she gave me her phone number (which doesn’t make sense, lol).  Anyway the phone number was 746 “for school” (or 4 SCHOOL…472-4665).  Then I woke up.  I wrote the number down quick and later Googled it.  Turns out it was a number in Mexico!  After enough time had passed (because they are three or four hours behind!) I called and got a recording that the number was no longer in service.  I thought maybe I’d talk to someone who was “in a pickle” and needed to hear that God saw what was going on.  In case I missed that I also dialed the number in my area code and got the same recording.  Then I decided to look up 7:46 and 74:6, which didn’t really turn up much.  Lastly, I punched in 7:4-6 and got this:

So, my brothers and sisters, you also died to the law through the body of Christ, that you might belong to another, to him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit for God. For when we were in the realm of the flesh, the sinful passions aroused by the law were at work in us, so that we bore fruit for death.  But now, by dying to what once bound us, we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit, and not in the old way of the written code.

That’s a good word :)  I have been meditating on dying to self a lot lately, so perhaps this is the Spirit’s “new way” of telling me I’m ready “4 SCHOOL” and this will be the subject.  I’m not sure, but in any event, He’s definitely got my attention!

In other news, yesterday my younger brother and I went down to dad’s old place and packed up his things in the garage (lots of tools and equipment) and downstairs.  All of what was there was supposed to come back.  Today when we took the truck to pick them up some things were missing.  We didn’t make a big deal out of it (though dad wasn’t too pleased).  Perhaps she didn’t think we would notice.  There has been a lot of finger pointing lately and it’s hard to know who is telling the truth (let alone the fact that I’m not interesting in being the judge).  I’m just trying to help dad start over and forgive, with an emphasis on the latter because without it the former will be sabotaged.  Oh how we need Jesus!

Deliverance, a dream, a blip, and 4:28


Yesterday Kevin and I attended the funeral of the man leading the deliverance classes we were hoping to attend.  It was a glorious celebration of a believer’s life.  At one point they asked people in the audience to give one or two words that described him.  I said, “Fearless,” because he was.  He knew who he was in Christ and was a warrior!  He was also a husband, father, pastor and friend to many, and the church was packed with those who came to pay their respects.  Afterward Kevin and I did some shopping, but during that time and on the way home I became agitated in my spirit and realized I needed some deliverance, so I texted a friend and she and another friend met up with me on Zoom (a conferencing program).

I don’t know why the thought of deliverance is so scary to many Christians.  Perhaps they have watched too many shows like The Exorcist and Poltergeist.  I for one don’t want any kind of “darkness” attaching itself to me.  As it turns out, I did need some deliverance.  Holy Spirit is faithful to shine His light on areas that need cleansing or healing when you ask Him to.  It helps when you have seasoned ministers who come alongside.  As it turns out, I had a “fear bond” that needed to be repented of and broken.  I didn’t think one was there, but it was, and at the end of the prayer and commands the seer friend saw it go.  Though I can’t say I felt it go, she tells me that immediately after she saw that I started laughing.  There were other issues, too, and they will come out in time.

I went to bed hoping for a dream, and instead Kevin had one.  It was early morning and I could tell he was dreaming.  I had been awake and was talking and praying and felt as if I needed to get him to tell it to me.  He kept trying to go back to sleep and I wouldn’t let him.  He asked me to scratch his back and I said I would just as soon as he told me the dream, lol.  It took a few minutes but he finally shared it.  In the dream, Rev. Herritt (the man whose funeral we had just attended) showed up and gave him three handheld telescopes.  The big one was a couple feet long and like a kaleidoscope, but instead of the bits of color that moved around they were bits of people’s lives and it was like a collage.  He could see way back into a person’s family lineage with that one.  The other two were for closer viewing, seeing things in the now, and one showed the chains that were keeping people in bondage.  I thought that was a pretty cool dream!!!

I had a few dreams but all I remember of them was one blip in which I must have been looking in a mirror and the pupil of my right eye changed from round to a point at the top, like it was morphing into a cat eye.  I knew that wasn’t good.  Methinks another deliverance session is in order.  I have been asking God to bring every hidden thing to light.  Sometimes I don’t like what I see, but I don’t care, I want to see it and deal with it and get totally free!

At one point during my prayers I felt I was to glance at the clock and Google the time, so I did.  It was 4:28, and though Acts 4:28 wasn’t the first thing listed, I was led to click on one that had a commentary, and this is what it said:

They did what your power and will had decided beforehand should happen.”  

The great problem of the relation of the divine purpose to man’s free agency is stated (as before in Acts 1:16; Acts 2:23), without any attempt at a philosophical solution.  No such solution is indeed possible.  If we admit a Divine Will at all, manifesting itself in the government of the world, in the education of mankind, in the salvation of individual souls, we must follow the example of the Apostle, and hold both the facts of which consciousness and experience bear their witness, without seeking for a logical formula of reconciliation.  In every fact of history, no less than in the great fact of which St. Peter speaks, the will of each agent is free, and he stands or falls by the part he has taken in it; and yet the outcome of the whole works out some law of evolution, some “increasing purpose,” which we recognize as we look back on the course of the events, the actors in which were impelled by their own base or noble aims, their self-interest or their self-devotion.  As each man looks back on his own life he traces a sequence visiting him with a righteous retribution, and leading him, whether he obeyed the call, or resisted it, to a higher life, an education no less than a probation.  “Man proposes, God disposes.”  “God works in us, therefore we must work.”  Aphorisms such as these are the nearest approximation we can make to a practical, though not a theoretical, solution of the great mystery.

Lots to think about there!



How’s that for a title?  lol.  Lots of things I want to jot down or I’ll forget them.  First, I’ve had a couple of interesting dreams.  Last week I had one in which I woke up writing my father’s obituary.  I’m not about to share that with him, though it had the same “feel” of other dreams where I actually did the things I saw.  Also I had one in which my eldest grandson was telling me his mom was going to have another baby.  We shall see!  I have been dreaming a lot more, though still not remembering most of them (unless He brings it back like He did the other day).  Cool stuff is happening, though.

I met with a friend on Tuesday and we talked for hours, bringing each other up to speed with what’s going on in our lives.  I am hoping we can get together in the future to pray and minister together.  I have a lot to learn from her, and also have quite a bit of catching up to do.  The devil knows his time is short and there is work to be done.

Yesterday, as I was traveling back from visiting my mom I was just driving, thinking random thoughts, processing life, talking to God, etc.  As always there was music playing in my head and at some point I began to sing “Good, Good Father.”  It got to the point in the song, “I’ve seen many searching for answers only You provide….”  As I am singing that I am impressed to turn on the CD player and worship so I hit the power button and it picks up right where I am singing, “…’Cause you know just what we need before we say a word.”  Can anybody say, “We serve an awesome God?!!!”

This morning I was pondering pileated woodpeckers again and remembered that last year I had posted about seeing one so I went and found it.  It was aptly titled, “When I see His voice”, and it was good to read it again.   I saw one recently when I was at an all-time low and really needed to know He was near.  And He is so very near to each one of us!!!  May we all have “eyes to see” just how very close He is!

He is enough


It was good to get away to Vermont for a week.  We had a great time of skiing with our snowboarding son.  I fell on Thursday and my ski didn’t come off so I wrenched my knee a bit and that was actually a good thing because Kevin and Matt got to hit the slopes without me on Friday (meaning they got to take a lot of black diamond runs, the ones I don’t do, lol).  I dropped them off at Okemo and went into town to pass the time.  The first stop was at “Sweet Surrender” (I liked the name :), a great little bakery on the main drag.  I struck up a conversation with a local artist who came in, and before I left she let me pray for her, which was cool.  Typing this reminds me that I need to send her a link to Kayle Mumby’s story (I was telling her about the owl landing on his head, lol).  Hopefully I can find it on YouTube or something.

One night last week the Lord woke me up to text my friend in Alaska.  I knew she was planning on booking tickets for a visit, and it turns out she was trying to do just that but needed some info.  He is faithful!  This trip will be the same week that my husband is skiing in Colorado with her husband.  I am so looking forward to this new adventure and I can’t wait to see her!  She is planning things to do already, and I am sure we’ll pack a lot into the week we are together.  I am praying “Do it again, Lord!” with respect to the Northern Lights.  He put on quite a show for me the last time I was there!  I was talking to Kevin about it when he woke up the next morning and said something about calling a friend to see if she would take me to the airport and within five or ten minutes that friend (who I don’t hear from often) texted me.  I love when God does that, confirms something in these “little” ways.  Oh, and I took a “random” picture of the mountain and sky on Thursday and when I got back to our place and looked at it, there in the sky is a lion roaring!  He is so for me it’s crazy :)

Speaking of God, He gave me a dream yesterday morning.  I was having all sorts of weird dreams, but among them was one of His.  I didn’t remember it actually because I’d had so many and they all faded when I woke up.  Anyway, Kevin and I were still in bed talking about the previous week when I made a comment to him about the fact that I didn’t think a particular person was “the cat’s meow.” At that moment God brought the dream back like a “whoosh.”  Here it is:  I went to pet a cat and it bit me in the right wrist.  I grabbed it by the back of its neck and pulled it off, held it in the air and I think I cast a demon out of it or said something and then declared that it would never bite me again and threw it down.  People wanted to put a bandage on my wound but I said not to cover it up until an antibiotic was applied or it would just fester.  I looked up the meanings of cat (domestic) and it said “Vicious attack” and “witchcraft” and wrist said “Relationship, particularly within the body of Christ.”  As it was the right wrist I looked up right and there were many meanings (actually there were for all of them but I gave what jumped out at me, which were the first ones listed).  Anyway “right” stands for strength, faith, spirit, blessed, or righteous direction.

What happened recently was definitely an attack on my relationship with Mary.  Sadly, the enemy succeeded in bringing separation.  I think of that verse that “a perverse man spreads strife, and a slanderer separates intimate friends.”  God has been revealing to me a little bit more every day about how this went down.  Does it grieve me?  Yes, more than I can say, especially because I was so open and vulnerable to the very ones who turned and bit me.  But it was a Holy Spirit setup, complete with an uncommon amount of peace going into it.  He confirmed His presence as it was going down, and continues to in many ways.  He “sent a train” and it’ll take some time to sort through the wreckage, but He is in this for my good (and Mary’s as well I am sure).  I pray for her and Rich every day.

Mary told me a story once about going through a crisis and how her son sang over her as she cried.  I was feeling sorry for myself a few days ago that there I had been, hundreds of miles from home, going through my own crisis and had no one to sing over me.  The Lord woke me at 3:17 the next morning and you know what’s coming, lol.  Zephaniah 3:17:  “The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.  He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”  I know the rebuke, but He chastens those He loves.  It is never pleasant, but the “peaceable fruit of righteousness” is so worth it.

This morning I awoke at 2:55.  Psalm 25:5, “Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”  My soul hopes in the Lord.  Time to go spend time in His presence and let Him apply the balm of Gilead to that wound.  He is my healer, and He is enough.

Three years ago


Yesterday I was doing some cleaning and discovered a transcript of the encounter Kevin had three years ago.  I went back to see if I wrote about it then and I did, though I didn’t go into detail.  It is significant for a number of reasons, though, and considering the dream I had yesterday morning I found myself pondering it all through the day.  It was on my mind when I went to sleep.

I awoke shortly after 3:00 and went down to the basement to talk to God (sometimes I stay in bed and other times I need to just get out of bed).  I can’t say that I heard anything back, and I think I went back to bed about a half hour later.  In the morning I had a dream.  I wish I could remember more of it, but I woke up too quickly.  Anyway this is the gist:  Kevin and I were lying on our backs in bed and then an office chair (on rollers) started levitating to my left.  I didn’t know if it was a good thing or bad thing and was wondering whether I should be rebuking the devil or what, lol.  Somehow I figured out it was okay.  Then the first chair either changed to or went down and another chair came up, this one looking more like a kitchen chair.  Other things appeared, and I must have been getting comfortable with it because I discovered that I could make them move (that were in the air) by waving my hand.  And I don’t remember what those things were (maybe a rope of some sort?).

I wasn’t thinking too much about it when a friend texted asking for my thoughts on a dream she’d had.  I ended up calling her and after talking about hers told her mine, and she gave me some insight.  I especially liked when she said chairs can represent authority in an area and it hit me how God likes to play with words (area and air-ea).  In the end it’s all tied to rest, that word that just won’t go away, lol.  Actually I don’t want it to.  Jesus did everything from a place of rest, so how much more do I need to!!!

Another thing to note is that both my friend and I went to bed pondering something, and both dreams (I believe anyway) were God speaking to us about the questions we were asking Him.  In the end, it encouraged us both and for me personally gave me a lot of hope.  She also shared how much reading the Passion translation on Song of Songs has impacted her, so I ordered it.  One of my prayers is, “The depths of me for the depths of You.”  I don’t want my love to be shallow.

Two years


Tonight I’m planning on going to the GSSM graduation.  I haven’t been there as much this year and because of that I don’t know most of those graduating, but there are a few I have had the privilege of walking beside these last few years, and I am looking forward to honoring them and their accomplishment.  I realized today that it’s been two years since I graduated.  Two years!  The years sure know how to fly.

I had a dream a couple of days ago.  In it a blimp was being launched.  I noticed as it went up that a woman was attached to one of the tethers.  At one point she was afraid it would come off so she reached up and grabbed the rope with her hands.  In the meantime me or someone radioed the blimp and it came back and lowered her to the ground so she could get off.  As it’s taking off again she swings the tether free of a tree (to keep it from getting tangled in the branches) and then it comes around and instead gets caught in three electrical wires.  I grab the tether and try to tear it loose but I can’t, so I yell to a man standing there to get a knife.  End of dream.  This morning I had another dream, this time where an eagle landed on my head, grabbed it, and flew off with me.  It kind of reminded me of Kayle Mumby’s owl story where the owl landed on his head (though that really happened!).

Anyway I had the sense in the first dream that I was both watching and participating, that that was me attached to the blimp, that was me trying to keep the tether free, and then trying to free it again.  Interestingly enough I went to bed the night before discouraged because of something I posted in a forum.  It wasn’t a bad thing, but I thought in hindsight how stupid it must have looked and felt kind of embarrassed.  I tend to be kind of impulsive and that’s not all bad, but I should have recognized that I needed to let what I typed marinate before I hit “post.”  I think (now that I’m licensed, especially) that I should be careful what I do and say because in a way I represent Global now.  But shouldn’t I already be careful because I represent Jesus?  And I am, but I start “shoulding” on myself about how I should behave in front of people and how I should stop trying to be funny.  ~Sigh~  So the realization that I still have some fear of man in me and/or wanting to be accepted is what I went to bed with that night, and I was pretty sad.  In the morning I was praying (and crying, as usual) and just basically asking God to do something.  And then the phone rang.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  There are people God puts in your life who He prompts to call or write or speak a word at just the right time, and Laurie is one of those.  I shared my dream and my frustration with myself over this stupid little thing, and she made sense of it.  She reminded me that dreams are like pictures of what He wants to do in and through us and that He is faithful to keep us from stepping out if we’re carrying things that will sabotage where we’re going.  That said, it is miserable when you realize your heart is ready but there’s this stupid little thing you can’t seem to shake, the thing that’s holding you down, so to speak.  He knows my desire to be completely submitted/committed to Him.  He also knows I have an active, get-it-done personality and that’s part of God’s plan for the type of person I am.  I mean, He determined my personality!  She went on to say, “I have to think that even that part that you feel like you’re struggling with is part of His equipping to accomplish the particular plan He has for your life.”  That said, most people probably have one or more things in their life that they wonder, “Why can’t I get over this?!”  Aren’t you glad He doesn’t let us “get over it” until we get rid of the stupid little things?

He is on my side and I belong to Him.  The dream was like Him saying, “We’re almost there, there’s just a little more work to do.”  But sometimes (most times, actually) that work is painful, and an aversion to pain is one reason people don’t pursue the Lord all the way to that place of death to self.  Somewhere along the way they say, “I’m pretty comfortable in this spot and I’m not willing to endure any more pain.”  Being broken is painful.  Or is it the realization of just how broken I am?  Probably some of both.

So I will focus on the blimp that is free and flying, the promises He’s given, the prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled.  I will hold that out like the joy before me and remind myself that brokenness is part of the journey to be in the place I’ve asked God to take me.  I trust Him.  He’s a good, good Father, and He knows what He’s doing and will bring this work to completion!  It feels good to rest again :)

Need a Handyman?


I have been loving the warmer weather.  This past Saturday it got up to 60 degrees and I took advantage of it by getting the ladder out and taking down the lights and decorations on our magnolia tree (finally!).  I know it’s to get colder again as well it should, for winter isn’t over yet despite what Punxsutawny Phil said a couple weeks ago about spring being right around the corner.

Catching you up on things, I attended part of The Stirring at Global over Valentine’s weekend.  Kevin was away so I went by myself.  Thursday night Blaine Cooke spoke and did impartation and then prayed a general prayer over everyone for dreams and visions.  I am still dreaming a lot but not remembering them.  The next morning I had three in a row and remember bits.  In the first I followed Ben Williams (who is an evangelist) as he crawled under a chair and through a small window that was there (the chair was up against a wall).  This led into a church and people were worshiping.  I joined in and was spinning and releasing peace but nothing was happening (not sure what I expected).  I asked myself if that meant I didn’t have it.  Hmm.  Next “scene” I’m in line at a grocery store paying for groceries and the total was $30.16.  Lastly (and this was a little unsettling), I am watching women scale down a vertical wall.  Some had ropes and some did not and I was telling someone to get a rope to this one lady and they didn’t get it to her in time and she fell and I saw her hit the ground with a thud and watched her body bounce.  I don’t know if I woke up at this point and had the thought or if it was part of the dream but I wondered whether I should try to raise her from the dead (she fell like 50 feet).

Somehow I knew I was to look up 30:1-6 and the first reference that came up was in Samuel and was the story of David and what happened at Ziklag.  I thought that was odd so I looked at the next one too, which was in Deuteronomy and mirrored a passage that had been in my devotional a day or two before.  Pondering all this, I went to Global but was running a bit late.  As I entered, worship had stopped and Kim Maas was getting ready to preach.  Guess what she was talking about?  Ziklag!  I never really thought about it before, but after five years of running from Saul, this happened to David twelve days before he was crowned king!  She was speaking about her own personal Ziklag and I wondered whether God was preparing me for something.  In any event, I have it tucked away.  Oh, and after I posted this I thought I’d Google 30:16 as well, and first up was Deuteronomy 30:16, “And I command you today: Love God, your God. Walk in his ways. Keep his commandments, regulations, and rules so that you will live, really live, live exuberantly, blessed by God, your God, in the land you are about to enter and possess.”  I like that, “Live exuberantly!”  He’s rocking my socks off again :)

Two nights ago as I was falling asleep (or trying to) I was crying out to the Lord for healing, not just for my physical heart (which I am still contending for) but for emotional and other wounds which I know are still there.  I want everything hidden to come to light because in that light there will be healing.  But it’s a process (there’s that word again, lol).  In any event, I get a text at that point from a sweet praying sister which ended, “Come Holy Spirit in healing power.  God dreams my dear friend.”  So I awoke early the next morning and as I was drifting in and out of sleep at one point I “saw green” again.  It has happened once or twice, but this time it was more brilliant.  I know green represents healing, and so I thanked God for it, even though I didn’t feel anything, trusting that something was happening.  There also appeared to be “rays” of thin white almost like lightning which moved.  Anyway, all I can say is, “More Lord!”

This morning I got a song, and it kind of surprised me.  It’s been a while (I think, but who knows, time does strange things to my memory, lol), and it came in among dreams (which of course I don’t remember).  “It” was James Taylor’s “I’m Your Handyman.”  I just love Holy Spirit :)  It’s interesting that part of the song jumped out at me, that being, “I whisper sweet things, you tell all your friends.  They’ll come running to Me.”  He definitely “whispers sweet things” to me, and though sometimes I wonder if I share too much, I do it because I want other people to get hungry for their own relationship with Jesus!  After I got up I grabbed a cup of coffee and did my Pray As You Go devotional.  The reading today was from 1st Peter, and as always there were questions that were asked after the passage was read:  “How do you feel about the possibility that, like Peter, you have been called to bring the knowledge of Jesus to other people?”  I’d say I’m feeling pretty good about that :)