An angel named Joy


Last week I attended Voice of the Prophets in Lancaster.  My friends from Arkansas came and stayed at the hotel with me (which makes it affordable!).  We had a great time, and God “showed up” in many ways which is good, because it was a bit of a struggle at first.  The past four VOPs I had spent serving Mary, so this was an adjustment.  In fact, when I went to the Network Meeting (I was late) I stood in the back and at one point was certain I heard her husband laugh.  A wave of sadness hit me and I had to fight back tears.  It turns out they weren’t there, but later I ran into a few ladies who had been to Come Away weekends and that interaction brought a bit of pain as well.

Thursday morning the students did the prophetic presbytery.  They did a great job and it was very encouraging.  Our time for ministry was early so we didn’t miss worship which was good because Steve Swanson led it and he’s like my all-time favorite worship leader.  I remember one of the songs spoke about God bringing beauty from the ashes and that I asked Him as I was singing to do that in my life and in the recent situation.  In the afternoon Larry Randolph spoke.  Right before he did, a prophetic friend shared that God gave her a picture for me of a baby that was born but still attached to its mother.  The umbilical cord has to be cut or both the mother and baby will die.  I certainly don’t want that.  Larry’s message was really good, and in it he spoke about a baby being born.  It so tied in with everything and I was pretty rocked by it.

During worship that night I tried what one friend told me (to reach through the veil) and was given a picture as I did.  It didn’t last long (but it was long enough!).  Jesus grabbed my arm and pulled me through and up onto the back of a white horse and away we went, first galloping and then flying (like it turned into Pegasus or something), and then we turned into eagles and I started swooping down and picked up a snake and then swooped down and grabbed a demon off someone’s back.  It was awesome :)  The cool thing is the next night right after worship Justin Allen got up and prophesied a crazy word about Cinderella.  I didn’t hear it because I missed worship, but the next day Justin spoke and referred to it.  He was talking about that being a risk to say but it’s what God told him to say.  And then he showed a note written by someone during worship that night and it was about Cinderella and what she had to go through and that her prince was going to come on a white horse and God would bring beauty from the ashes.  I have always loved Cinderella, especially the Disney version.  Her motto, “Have courage and be kind” is one I believe in and strive to be.  But to be honest, I was feeling a bit forgotten, as if the years of service were for nothing and I was left at home while everyone went to the ball.  I know that sounds crazy, but I think that word was God’s way of saying He hasn’t forgotten about me.  Could it have been meaningful to others as well?  Yes, I’m sure.  But I know it especially was for me  :)

We missed the last session on Saturday because we had a long drive and a big day the next day.  Sunday morning I got up and went to the store and then came back and cooked lasagna and an Oreo cheesecake and made a salad.  I made it to church in time for announcements and was given the chance to talk about the seminar that afternoon.  I believe because I did that three people came who wouldn’t have (I was feeling that I really needed to go).  Anyway, it started at 2:00 (and ran until 9:00, hence the dinner) and there were 14 people there (4 of them weren’t from our church).  Not a big turnout, but enough, and I don’t despise the day of small beginnings.  Laurie and Rebecca did an outstanding job.  God had given Laurie a word in the morning about lighting a fire in the church (it being dry tinder, prepared for the spark).  Anyway, I couldn’t be happier with how it went and I think we all fell into bed that night!  Monday we went antiquing (Laurie has a shop and brought her trailer).  After a full day of shopping they went into almost four hours of ministering to a couple, which was a great learning experience for me.  I’m determined to sign up for CHCP in June and hope Kevin can too.

Their last night here we sat around the campfire and then the pastor and his wife came and we had a nice visit.  They left around noon the next day.  I sure hated to see them go.  Kevin and I are hoping to make it down to Arkansas this summer.  He lost two employees this week though so it all hinges on getting them replaced!  We are trusting God to bring experienced techs to us and that God will give us “double for our trouble.”  Kevin is now having to go back into the field and work and still do all the other things, so he is super busy.  In fact, he has to get up at 3 tomorrow morning.  I mowed for him tonight because I knew he wouldn’t have time.  I am feeling it, though!

Last night when I went to bed I was asking God for a dream or something.  Well, I dreamed a lot but I didn’t remember them (that seems to be the norm lately), but He did give my friend Rebecca a prophetic dream.  She wrote it down.  It started with, “Patti is crying out for me.  Tell her I am sending her a special angel to minister to her.  This angel is named Joy.  Joy will be with her wherever she goes.”  There was much more to it, and it was a wow word.  I feel joy even typing that!  It did involve climbing, so I’m not sure what I am to do but effort is involved and I am determined when I hear His voice to do what He says.  It hinges on obedience.  When He speaks it is to be obeyed, and delayed obedience is disobedience.  Lord help me be quick to obey!  That reminds me, I have a T-shirt that says, “OBEY.”  I think I shall wear it tomorrow :)

Oh!  I almost forgot, we moved dad into his apartment today.  It went pretty well and I think he will do just fine there.  He still needs a few things, but we’ll get them in time.  It’ll be nice not having to drive an hour and a half to see him!  Time for bed.  Sweet dreams everyone!


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