Last night in Nome


My time with my friend Rhonda has flown by.  It’s been an adventure though!  We crammed about as much as two people could in our almost ten days together.  Last Sunday night (my first full day in Nome) we went to the AOG church for the evening service.  There was a guest evangelist and afterward he did ministry.  We stayed in our seats and were praying, and when he was done he walked back to us.  It kind of startled me, actually.  He asked if we were lifelong friends and said he saw our mission as being prayer and that we were to “pray through.”  Then he started to prophesy over me and said something like “this new chapter is about what God is doing in you” and that I wasn’t to look back but forward.  I wish I’d have recorded it but I didn’t see him coming, lol.  He went on to say something about God breaking the bands of something and that coming here/getting away was a divine appointment and that there is a divine purpose in our life and it is new.  Also said we will have dreams and that he saw angels all around me.  I’d like to see them…or better yet see Jesus.  Anyway I thought it was so like God to have someone come and give me another do-not-look-back word and encourage me like that!  Where can I go from Your presence?  Though I go to the farthest corner of the U.S., still You are there :).

Last night Rhonda and I spent a couple hours in prayer at her church.  To me “praying through” usually involves praying at an altar (I think of Azusa Street and stories from there, especially).  This morning she had a dream (and she said she never dreams, lol).  We were together at a hotel and had checked out and I got out of the car and went back in because I forgot something or needed something.  She waited but then decided she needed it too so she drove her car into the hotel lobby and parked it by the elevator so I would see it.  Interesting dream.  Makes me wonder if we should go back to the church tonight.

Earlier in the week we went to a Bible study with some younger ladies and afterward I got to pray for one who had neck pain.  After the first prayer it was better and she let me pray again and then after the second it was all but gone!  Yay, God!  And then we got a call that the Northern Lights were out!  I felt as if God was celebrating my taking a risk but sending those :). They were in the distance but still very beautiful to watch, which we did for about 15 minutes and then went back to Rhonda’s.  I am told that an hour later they came back over Nome and were brilliant, and I missed them!  Ahhhh!~  Well, I have one more night (tonight), so perhaps (like on our trip in 2013) they will come back on my last night here.

Rhonda and I had fun taking used clothing and making new things with them.  My favorite is actually an old flannel shirt we got at the thrift shop in town which I bleached halfway up.  I love it!  And I made a necklace out of the key and charms I brought.  Lots of sweet memories from this trip.  At one point we tried to extend my stay, but because of Iditarod the cost would have been more than the price of the original round-trip ticket!!!  Ah, well, it’s just as well.  I have a funeral to officiate on Friday (one of the ladies from the nursing home passed away last week).  This is the wife of the man whose funeral I officiated last summer.  Not my favorite thing to do, but people are open to the gospel at funerals because they are contemplating their own mortality.  I am praying hearts will be open.

John comes home tomorrow around noon.  He was away with Kevin skiing in Colorado.  They had a great time.  I leave on the evening flight and have a long night of travel, getting into L.A. around 6 a.m.  From there I need to find my way to Union Station and then hop the train to Covina and meet up with relatives.  I will probably be bushed.  What was I thinking?!  Hopefully someone will take me back to LAX for my 10:00 flight home.  Kevin will pick me up at 6 the next morning.  And I was just getting used to the time change here!  I never got used to the cold, though.

We are already planning my return trip this summer.  I love Nome.  There is something about this place that draws you.  I think it’s the sense of community.  In the winter especially they are so isolated.  They have learned to rely on each other and to get along.  Sure they have issues (I wish the bars would close, most of those issues would disappear!), but there are a lot of good people here trying to make a difference.  Rhonda is one who is making a big difference in people’s lives!  She loves well.  I am glad I get to hang out with her and call her friend!


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