Deliverance, a dream, a blip, and 4:28


Yesterday Kevin and I attended the funeral of the man leading the deliverance classes we were hoping to attend.  It was a glorious celebration of a believer’s life.  At one point they asked people in the audience to give one or two words that described him.  I said, “Fearless,” because he was.  He knew who he was in Christ and was a warrior!  He was also a husband, father, pastor and friend to many, and the church was packed with those who came to pay their respects.  Afterward Kevin and I did some shopping, but during that time and on the way home I became agitated in my spirit and realized I needed some deliverance, so I texted a friend and she and another friend met up with me on Zoom (a conferencing program).

I don’t know why the thought of deliverance is so scary to many Christians.  Perhaps they have watched too many shows like The Exorcist and Poltergeist.  I for one don’t want any kind of “darkness” attaching itself to me.  As it turns out, I did need some deliverance.  Holy Spirit is faithful to shine His light on areas that need cleansing or healing when you ask Him to.  It helps when you have seasoned ministers who come alongside.  As it turns out, I had a “fear bond” that needed to be repented of and broken.  I didn’t think one was there, but it was, and at the end of the prayer and commands the seer friend saw it go.  Though I can’t say I felt it go, she tells me that immediately after she saw that I started laughing.  There were other issues, too, and they will come out in time.

I went to bed hoping for a dream, and instead Kevin had one.  It was early morning and I could tell he was dreaming.  I had been awake and was talking and praying and felt as if I needed to get him to tell it to me.  He kept trying to go back to sleep and I wouldn’t let him.  He asked me to scratch his back and I said I would just as soon as he told me the dream, lol.  It took a few minutes but he finally shared it.  In the dream, Rev. Herritt (the man whose funeral we had just attended) showed up and gave him three handheld telescopes.  The big one was a couple feet long and like a kaleidoscope, but instead of the bits of color that moved around they were bits of people’s lives and it was like a collage.  He could see way back into a person’s family lineage with that one.  The other two were for closer viewing, seeing things in the now, and one showed the chains that were keeping people in bondage.  I thought that was a pretty cool dream!!!

I had a few dreams but all I remember of them was one blip in which I must have been looking in a mirror and the pupil of my right eye changed from round to a point at the top, like it was morphing into a cat eye.  I knew that wasn’t good.  Methinks another deliverance session is in order.  I have been asking God to bring every hidden thing to light.  Sometimes I don’t like what I see, but I don’t care, I want to see it and deal with it and get totally free!

At one point during my prayers I felt I was to glance at the clock and Google the time, so I did.  It was 4:28, and though Acts 4:28 wasn’t the first thing listed, I was led to click on one that had a commentary, and this is what it said:

They did what your power and will had decided beforehand should happen.”  

The great problem of the relation of the divine purpose to man’s free agency is stated (as before in Acts 1:16; Acts 2:23), without any attempt at a philosophical solution.  No such solution is indeed possible.  If we admit a Divine Will at all, manifesting itself in the government of the world, in the education of mankind, in the salvation of individual souls, we must follow the example of the Apostle, and hold both the facts of which consciousness and experience bear their witness, without seeking for a logical formula of reconciliation.  In every fact of history, no less than in the great fact of which St. Peter speaks, the will of each agent is free, and he stands or falls by the part he has taken in it; and yet the outcome of the whole works out some law of evolution, some “increasing purpose,” which we recognize as we look back on the course of the events, the actors in which were impelled by their own base or noble aims, their self-interest or their self-devotion.  As each man looks back on his own life he traces a sequence visiting him with a righteous retribution, and leading him, whether he obeyed the call, or resisted it, to a higher life, an education no less than a probation.  “Man proposes, God disposes.”  “God works in us, therefore we must work.”  Aphorisms such as these are the nearest approximation we can make to a practical, though not a theoretical, solution of the great mystery.

Lots to think about there!


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