How’s that for a title?  lol.  Lots of things I want to jot down or I’ll forget them.  First, I’ve had a couple of interesting dreams.  Last week I had one in which I woke up writing my father’s obituary.  I’m not about to share that with him, though it had the same “feel” of other dreams where I actually did the things I saw.  Also I had one in which my eldest grandson was telling me his mom was going to have another baby.  We shall see!  I have been dreaming a lot more, though still not remembering most of them (unless He brings it back like He did the other day).  Cool stuff is happening, though.

I met with a friend on Tuesday and we talked for hours, bringing each other up to speed with what’s going on in our lives.  I am hoping we can get together in the future to pray and minister together.  I have a lot to learn from her, and also have quite a bit of catching up to do.  The devil knows his time is short and there is work to be done.

Yesterday, as I was traveling back from visiting my mom I was just driving, thinking random thoughts, processing life, talking to God, etc.  As always there was music playing in my head and at some point I began to sing “Good, Good Father.”  It got to the point in the song, “I’ve seen many searching for answers only You provide….”  As I am singing that I am impressed to turn on the CD player and worship so I hit the power button and it picks up right where I am singing, “…’Cause you know just what we need before we say a word.”  Can anybody say, “We serve an awesome God?!!!”

This morning I was pondering pileated woodpeckers again and remembered that last year I had posted about seeing one so I went and found it.  It was aptly titled, “When I see His voice”, and it was good to read it again.   I saw one recently when I was at an all-time low and really needed to know He was near.  And He is so very near to each one of us!!!  May we all have “eyes to see” just how very close He is!


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