Why do vacation weeks have to go so fast?  I suppose every week goes fast if you think about it, but when you’re on vacation it seems like a blink and it’s gone.  We got to Killington on Sunday and settled in to the condo ($300 for the week, can’t beat that!).  Monday we skied (I only lasted a half a day), and Tuesday we went to Okemo.  It was our first time there but I really liked it.  Wednesday was a day off.  Thursday we skied Killington again and I fell twice, the last time wrenching my knee because my ski didn’t come off (and it was on the last run of the day!).  Because of that I didn’t ski today so Kevin and Matt spent the day flying down the slopes at Okemo again.  They probably get twice as many runs in when I’m not along!

This morning after I dropped them off I stopped at a little coffee shop called “Sweet Surrender” (I liked the name) and struck up a conversation with a local over a cup of mint tea (and a peanut butter cookie).  I eventually got to talk to her about the Lord and she mentioned she was raised Catholic but stopped going to church a while ago.  We talked about God and faith and she even let me pray for her.  I’m trying to step out more.

Later in the day I got a call from my brother.  We’re back to trying to find a place for dad and his “stuff”.  I don’t know how long he has to get it out of his house, but I know my brothers are hoping I’ll find something around where I live.  It’s cheaper living in my county, but unless God opens up something miraculously, I don’t see how dad can afford anything with a workshop or garage (which is what he wants).  I keep thinking about the word at the beginning of the year, that 2017 would be a year of “no drama and no trauma.”  So far there has been plenty of both.


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