Three years ago


Yesterday I was doing some cleaning and discovered a transcript of the encounter Kevin had three years ago.  I went back to see if I wrote about it then and I did, though I didn’t go into detail.  It is significant for a number of reasons, though, and considering the dream I had yesterday morning I found myself pondering it all through the day.  It was on my mind when I went to sleep.

I awoke shortly after 3:00 and went down to the basement to talk to God (sometimes I stay in bed and other times I need to just get out of bed).  I can’t say that I heard anything back, and I think I went back to bed about a half hour later.  In the morning I had a dream.  I wish I could remember more of it, but I woke up too quickly.  Anyway this is the gist:  Kevin and I were lying on our backs in bed and then an office chair (on rollers) started levitating to my left.  I didn’t know if it was a good thing or bad thing and was wondering whether I should be rebuking the devil or what, lol.  Somehow I figured out it was okay.  Then the first chair either changed to or went down and another chair came up, this one looking more like a kitchen chair.  Other things appeared, and I must have been getting comfortable with it because I discovered that I could make them move (that were in the air) by waving my hand.  And I don’t remember what those things were (maybe a rope of some sort?).

I wasn’t thinking too much about it when a friend texted asking for my thoughts on a dream she’d had.  I ended up calling her and after talking about hers told her mine, and she gave me some insight.  I especially liked when she said chairs can represent authority in an area and it hit me how God likes to play with words (area and air-ea).  In the end it’s all tied to rest, that word that just won’t go away, lol.  Actually I don’t want it to.  Jesus did everything from a place of rest, so how much more do I need to!!!

Another thing to note is that both my friend and I went to bed pondering something, and both dreams (I believe anyway) were God speaking to us about the questions we were asking Him.  In the end, it encouraged us both and for me personally gave me a lot of hope.  She also shared how much reading the Passion translation on Song of Songs has impacted her, so I ordered it.  One of my prayers is, “The depths of me for the depths of You.”  I don’t want my love to be shallow.


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