An historic night


I have said little (if anything) about the politics in this country, but tonight history was made.  My husband stayed up until the call was made, and the TV kept waking me up so I finally got up and caught the end of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.  Regardless of who you voted for or which side of the aisle you’re on, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of work ahead.  Perhaps we need to get out of those seats and actually get in the aisle.  There’s no moving forward if we don’t!

Anyway I’m home again and wanted to tell a little about the weekend in NC.  First, it was a ton of work.  I didn’t get to know the ladies as well as I’d like to have, probably because there were more of them and because of being so busy, but it was a great time together nonetheless.  The weather was perfect which is good, considering we had two outings (to the falls and to Prayer Mountain).  At the last minute, the lady who I am doing some phone counseling with signed up, and she actually did a teaching on the Four Living Creatures which was quite good.  The baptism Saturday night was the pinnacle of the weekend.  Instead of heading home Sunday morning I waited until Monday.  It was good to be able to attend church with the group (and be part of the ministry team) as well as go back to the mountain and process the event together.  Each one gets more streamlined, and there are two to go.  I’m not sure she’ll continue to do them after that.  No doubt she will pray and Holy Spirit will tell her.  He always does :)

One of the biggest highlights for me was getting a word for one of the ladies.  I have heard people say things like, “The Holy Spirit was all over that,” and now I know what they’re talking about.  When I gave her the word, we both got hit with waves of chills or goosebumps or something which flowed from my head down my body, and I especially felt them go down my arms.  We were both kind of in awe actually, especially considering the word.  I’ll share that sometime, but it has to do with her family’s lineage.  God is doing something new and part of it (I believe anyway) will involve fulfilling a family’s destiny or inheritance that may be in need of correction/redemption/completion.  So many ‘tions, lol.  Anyway, I have my own digging to do and decided to contact someone to see about tracing my family’s line through my mother.  I’d do it but I don’t have the time.

Tomorrow (um, today, as it’s four in the morning right now!) I’ve got a lot of running to do.  The car needs work but I’m getting a loaner so I can at least get some things done.  I have a doctor’s appointment and then am meeting a friend for lunch.  I talked to dad today and will be looking to get him a crock pot and electric skillet.  The plan is to visit him on Thursday to deliver those things and run him around to do his wash, grocery shopping, and take care of business.  Perhaps I should go back to bed and get a couple more hours of sleep!  Sounds like a good plan :)


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