Good Time for a Break


Since last writing my dad and his wife have split twice.  I am learning to wait on the Lord through this and that’s an important lesson to learn, so it’s worth it.  I know that parents often get accused of meddling in their children’s marriages, but it can go the other way too!  I don’t plan on trying to “fix” anything but dad knows I will help if asked.  We had a good, long talk today.  At the end he said he had a pain in the back of his head.  When you’ve had a stroke that’s the first thing you think about.  I asked if he was going to go get it checked and he said no, he’d rather just slip away.  He has no desire to end up in a nursing home, and I get that.  Volunteering in one myself, I have no desire to see him end up there either.  At one point we were talking about possibly having to start over on his own again and that it was a shame.  He said, “When someone you love begs you to come back what do you do?”  Of course you go back and hope for the best.  A couple hours later I called him again and he said she was back.  Only God knows whether they can work it out, but it’s our prayer that they do.

It’s a good time to be taking a trip to Moravian Falls.  Mary is having another weekend with ladies coming in, and I help cook and clean up and get to be where Holy Spirit is moving.  He’s always up to something down there and I love to be where the action is :)  After the ups and downs and sideways of this past week I’m in need of some refreshing!  The wash is done, meals are cooked, and I think I’m good to go!  Now if only it wasn’t so far away….


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