California Bound


A quick post before we head to the airport.  The outing with dad over the weekend went well.  A bit rocky at first, but once we got him away from the nursing home he relaxed, and that makes him more himself.  We went to see my brother’s place that he is fixing up, hoping maybe dad could stay with him when he gets out (but it’s not far enough along for that).  Then we went out for dinner and got him back before the four hours he was allotted was over.  On Monday my brothers took him out to breakfast.  Then on Tuesday I went down by myself, picking him up and driving him to my brother’s house.  On the way we stopped at a dingy motel to check out a room they would rent weekly for $250 a week.  Not much to look at, but do-able. There’s an apartment that opened up in the town where I live, and if he could be convinced to come up here it would probably be better, but he had said he wants to stay down there.

He’s due to get out today.  My brothers are going in for a meeting and then taking him to the motel.  At least that’s the plan.  His wife said he can’t go home.  She told him yesterday and he was quite distraught.  You know it’s bad when the nursing home advises you to take him home sooner rather than later “so she won’t have access to him.”  He has yet to be served the divorce papers.  I’m not sure what they’re waiting for but that will be painful for him when it happens.  I won’t be there to help pick up the pieces.

The timing of this vacation is something.  In fact, the timing of so many things regarding this situation have served to reinforce some of the lessons that God is teaching me, i.e., that there is a purpose for everything that happens and we need to be paying attention to what He is doing.  Interruptions, inconveniences, surprises, those things that “mess with our schedule/plans” are often for a very good purpose and if we don’t pay attention to them it’ll take longer to learn what we need to!  What happens over the next week is out of my hands, and that’s a good thing.  If you believe in prayer, please join me in praying for my dad and this situation.  My father needs fathered, needs to know how much his Heavenly Father loves him, and I’m praying that through all of this somehow God will break through the protections dad has put around his heart.  He did it with me; He can do it with him!


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