A plea for prayer


I don’t know that I’ve ever done this before, come on my blog specifically to ask for prayer, but here goes.

I visited my dad yesterday.  He had packed all his clothes in his bag everything was laid out ready to go.  After a good visit and enjoyable lunch he was expecting his wife to take him with her when she left.  When she said goodbye, he said, “I’ll be right there,” and went to get his bag.  She said no she was going to go home, do his wash and bring it back, that he had to stay there.

I was glad I was there to cushion the blow (and it was a big one).  I reasoned with him, explaining why she couldn’t take him, how his brain needed to heal some more and that he should let them take care of him in there and just rest.  I asked if he was still needing the diapers and he said yes.  I could tell he was frustrated by that.  I encouraged him that as his brain heals, perhaps some of that control will come back.  Then I ran to Barnes and Noble and got him some colored pencils and adult coloring books as well as another book, and I asked the nurse to find him a deck of cards.  When I got back he was in speech therapy, and the nurse told me they had begun to play cards and he had even caught rummy before she did.  I thought he had resigned himself to being there for a while.  Not so.

This morning I got a call from his wife that he had tried to escape by crawling on all fours out the door.  It took three of them to get him back into bed.   She said he barely spoke to her.  Was he upset with her for not taking him, or is he having another issue of some type?  She is trying to figure out what to do, because to put him in a home would bankrupt them.

I’m not sure even what to say other than God is in control and promises to give wisdom to those who ask.  So please pray for me and for Brenda, his wife, and my dad, Aaron, my brothers and sister.  We need Him to show us the “way of escape” He promises to provide.  He is faithful, and He is good, and I trust Him.


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    • Thanks Tad, I really appreciate it. This morning God gave me a quick little snippet in a dream. All I remember is that part, and it was a flash of driving on a road at night and it was hard to see, but then the white lines on the edges of the road suddenly glowed as did the lines down the middle, and I felt more than I heard the Lord say, “I’ll light the way.” He’s got this, and after talking again with nurses and his wife, the picture wasn’t as bad as I had been led to believe. Still, my dad has a long way to go, and I am praying that the Lord draws him close through this. Blessings, ~p

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