When I see His voice


It has been a busy week.  I will be heading down soon to visit my father and spend the morning with him.  He’s had a couple of setbacks, which is normal when you brain is trying to filter through the “mush” of a stroke.  But first, I had to share what just happened.

I had just gotten up from the sofa and time with God, reading through a book about the law of confession and how powerful our words are.  I realize that I have not been as careful with my words as I need to be.  “Vain words” are when we say things like, “I’m dying to go there,” which is kind of odd now that I think about it.  Dying?  Why not just say, “I’d really like to go there”?  Such a small thing.  Or is it?  And what about the confessions of negativity.  One I know I’m guilty of confessing is that I don’t hear from God like some people do.  Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?  My confession or the hearing?  The fact is I do hear from God, though sometimes my hearing is seeing.  I want to be growing in intimacy with Him, so to say “I don’t hear” is to tell my spirit that, well, I don’t!

I have a friend on Facebook whose posts seem to always resonate with me.  One I read this morning was as follows:

I love how God speaks His extraordinary through the ordinary in our lives… don’t discount those little touches, those little nudges that you know have come from Him, beloved ones.

He can use anything to speak to you… embrace Him when it’s Him speaking ~ through whatever means He uses. He will sometimes catch you ‘unaware’ and in those exact moments, you often find that you needed a touch of His love or direction.

He is a God who loves to fellowship with you ~ He loves you beyond measure. He speaks to you and He does so, without fail. The more you spend time with Him, the more you will recognize His voice.

I have always paid attention to little things, and am working on improving my “hearing.”  For the past couple of weeks I have been taking communion in the morning.  They say it takes 21 days to establish a habit, and I’m working on establishing this one.  It’s a good one to have.  So as I was standing at my sink with the bread in hand, thanking Him for his body, confessing that by His stripes I am healed right now, realizing my words are agreeing with His blood up in the heavenly courtroom, I told the Lord basically that from now on I am going to use my words to build up, edify, and encourage myself and others, that they would bring life or I would not speak them.  I thanked Him for his body and ate the bread and at that exact moment a pileated woodpecker flew right outside my window and landed on a tree trunk in the neighbor’s yard.

Pileated woodpeckers (picture Woody Woodpecker) are beautiful but elusive, and I don’t see them often.  Twenty or thirty years ago I was discouraged about something.  I remember going out to my car (it was a Sunday morning and I was at church) and I don’t even remember why I was so distraught, but I asked God please to let me know that He heard me.  My prayer went something like, “Would you please let me see a pileated woodpecker?”  Don’t ask me why I chose to see something, let alone why a bird and not a deer or a turtle or a heart-shaped cloud or something, it just kind of popped in my head (there’s a clue, lol).  Well, I didn’t see one and that made me even sadder.  Soon church was over and my husband decided to drive home a different way, one which was longer.  I remember wishing he hadn’t because I just wanted to get home.  But on that other road we got to a point and guess what flew across the road?  :)

I love these “little things”, like when I “see His voice” or “feel His words.”  They are all ways of hearing, and I do hear Him.  Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, I want to see (more of) You!


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