Life comes at you fast


You know how it is.  You’re just cruising through your day, checking things off your list, and then you get a phone call and suddenly everything changes.  That happened yesterday.  My dad had a stroke, and it hit me pretty hard, but I sent a text out asking for prayer, and that helped (not just him, but me!).  I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I got there (it took an hour and a half), but he looked good.  He wasn’t talking, but he looked peaceful and had a slight smile.

It appears he had a bleed and not a clot.  It was a slow one and had started two days before with some mild confusion.  By the time his wife called my brother to come help my dad was pretty much unable to communicate (but fine otherwise).  The pressure from the bleed had slowly built up to the point where they knew something was up.  The doctor told us that had it been 5 cm one way or the other he would be in much worse shape, so we were thankful for that.  Surgery is not an option at this point.  We’re just waiting for the blood to be reabsorbed and praying he doesn’t have any more.

At one point the nurse came in and asked him his name and his reply was “I’m what’s-his-name,” and we all chuckled.  He said, “Okay” a lot too.  Then she pointed to his wife and asked her name, and dad replied, “That’s what’s-her-name.”  It was good to see his sense of humor was still intact!  After she left I showed him some pictures on my phone, including one of me and my siblings when we were young.  I asked him if he could point to the one that was me and he said no.  I have to wonder how much of his memory may have been affected or whether it was just a temporary inability to communicate caused by the stroke.  I guess time will tell.

His wife suffers from seizures caused by a traumatic brain injury years ago (as a result of scar tissue).  She gets them regularly and was due for one, and in fact felt one coming on as the evening progressed.  She was getting quite upset and I kept reassuring her she was going to be okay.  I had her recline in the chair beside his bed and stood behind her and stroked her head and prayed.  I had sent out a text asking for prayer as well and had immediate responses, so I knew people were praying.  She had some mild seizures and I kept praying.  Then I said, “I release peace in Jesus’ name” and I saw her take a deep breath and relax.  She fell asleep for about ten minutes.  When she woke up, she was like new again!  Usually after she has seizures she sleeps for a day.  Of course I don’t know how bad they usually are, but I am thankful the Lord heard our prayers and they stopped, and that she recovered so quickly!

They are moving him to a rehab facility tomorrow, so I will probably go in and visit again.  I spent the day today catching up on laundry, mowing, and doing some other house things.  I’m pretty beat and am feeling a deep sadness that I’m trying to pinpoint.  Am I just tired?   I pushed myself hard today.  Or is it more than that.  Is the thought of losing my dad bringing this on?  And will he ever be “normal” again?  I sure hope so.  I’m not ready to let him go yet.  I wonder if I’ll ever be.


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  1. Hi Patti,

    Thanks for your post (I’m still reading and praying as you are merging more into your awareness of the Presence of Christ as you recount what is going on), and I thought you might want to know I’ll be praying for your dad and his wife and you in the coming days.

    Please let us know how things are going.

    with love and blessings, Diane —chm alum

    • Hi Diane. It is so good to hear from you! Thanks for this note and for your prayers!!! He was moved to rehab today. He has lost no physical abilities, the limitations are mostly mental with speech and memory impairment. He is getting impatient with the staff and wants to go home already, but knows he has to do this. Knowing my dad, it will be a challenge to keep him there! We are praying there are no more strokes and are also praying for his wife, too. She seemed very good today. Much love! ~p

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