He is faithful :)


This morning I had another experience like I did a few weeks ago where I “saw myself” doing something.  This time I was preaching/sharing, whatever you want to call it, at the funeral service for the man I prayed for last Sunday.  I wondered how exactly that would play out but gave God my yes, leaving that up to Him.

As it was still early, I decided to reach for my phone to listen to the daily (or in this case, the one that comes on the weekend) edition of Pray As You Go.  I plugged in my earbuds and listened to the recording “beginning the fifth week of ordinary time.”  The bells rang and the music started, “Bless the Lord, my Soul,” by The Community of Taize.  Then she spoke, “Bless the Lord, my soul, who leads me into life.  The most important thing for me to do now, as I enter into prayer, is to let go for a moment, to let go of my own concerns, my own worries and fears and reluctance, and let myself be led by God, trusting that God, who loves me, will lead me into life.”   The Scripture reading was from Luke, where Jesus got out in a boat and preached, then told Simon to cast his net down for a catch, which he did, and you know the story:  the nets were so full they were breaking.  Peter told Jesus to go away from him, for he was a sinful man.  Then Jesus said, “Do not be afraid, from now on you will be catching people.”  Then they left everything and followed Him.

I got up after a while and went to the sofa with my coffee to read my Bible.  I wasn’t at all surprised when I got a text from the pastor asking if I would lead in singing at the funeral what I sang to the man who had passed away.  I responded that I would if I could have a few minutes to share more about that experience with them first.  He texted back a a short while later that he checked with the man’s son and was told that would be fine.  So we went, and soon it was my turn to speak and sing, and it went pretty much the way I saw it go.  The Holy Spirit led me and when it came time to sing Amazing Grace, I invited anyone who wanted to to sing along.  He even helped me with my singing :)

Back home again, I ponder the day and His goodness, just the way all of this worked out (which still amazes me).  I find myself wondering if I had not instantly taken action on that dream three weeks ago (where I saw myself preaching at the nursing home) whether these doors would have opened (yes, I’m going there again this Sunday!).  My devotional this morning ended:  “There is a whole future of promise and possibility waiting for Peter and for you.  Speak to Jesus about this and about how he drew Peter to see so many new possibilities, and how he invites you too, to not be afraid.”  Peter would never have seen any of those possibilities if he hadn’t left everything to follow Jesus, if he had let fear stop him.  I have said before that I want to be fearless.  Today He proved again how faithful He is and how I can trust Him with everything.  So can you, by the way :)


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