This past Sunday was the third week in a row that I went to the nursing home in town.  I actually hadn’t been on the schedule but checked on Friday and it was open so I signed up.  I am finding myself becoming quite attached to some of the residents :)  Interestingly enough, when I got there there was a man from another church who thought if no one was leading that he and his wife would.  I was prepared to step back and allow him to, but then he went looking for his wife and didn’t come back right away and so I just ran with it, lol.   I played “In the Garden” for Betty, who had requested it the week before, and got some new requests for the next time I’m there.  I’m already wishing I could come this Sunday, and I suppose I can even if there is someone else speaking.  I could just hang out afterward and play for those who wanted to stay and worship the Lord together.

I spoke about how we can hear from God, and that in fact His word promises that His sheep will hear His voice!  Then I went around and prayed for those who wanted prayer.  One lady in particular kept saying, “I’m so cold!  I’m so cold” at the beginning.  I prayed for her first, that the fire of God would come and warm her up from the inside out.  About ten minutes later the blanket slipped from her shoulder and she had a smile on her face.  I asked her, “Are you still cold?”  She said, “No!”  I’ll take that, and thank you, Jesus :)  Another woman asked for prayer for her husband, who is fighting cancer, and she broke down when I prayed.  There are a lot of hurting people there.

After the “service” ended I went and visited a couple residents who were missing.  One had a son who had visited, another forgot (I need to remember to go around ahead of time and “round them up” lol).  I got to pray for the lady on dialysis.  Finally, I visited a man who was dying.  I entered the room and saw he was on oxygen and his breathing was labored.  I’d never been around anyone close to death before but I sensed that he was.  I looked around and there wasn’t really a chair to pull up so I knelt by the bed and took his hand.  His eyes were barely open and quite red.  I quoted Psalm 23 and some other Scriptures.  I know our pastor had been in a couple weeks before and led him to the Lord, but I wanted to make sure so I talked to him about Jesus and salvation and how when He went away He said that He was going to prepare a place for us but He promised to come back for us and take us home.  At one point I felt as if he squeezed my hand ever so slightly.  I don’t remember what all I said, but I sang Amazing Grace, prayed peace over him, and left.  He died a little over an hour later.

I am grateful for the freedom I have to visit the residents there and pray for them.  It has been a great blessing to me, and every time I go it feels like an adventure.  I believe the Lord will use my time there to teach me many things, and I must press in to hear His voice better!  I don’t know that I am “doing things right”, but when you love people, well, that makes up for a lot of mistakes.  They are helping me love better :)


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