Sometimes you have to put shoes on your dreams


Last Sunday morning I awoke from a dream that was very real.  In it I was preaching at a local nursing home, sharing about my experience over Christmas, and I had my guitar with me.  Not wanting to miss God, I proceeded to skip church and go to the nursing home (having been informed the week before that their “Sunday service” is at 2 p.m. but they have a social gathering at 10 in the chapel and I was welcome to come).  I showed up, walked in the chapel and no one was there.  No problem!  I went and found a resident and asked if she wanted to come hear me play and sing with me.  She said yes and held my guitar as I pushed her back to the room.  I played “Jesus Loves Me”, “Amazing Grace” and even some Christmas carols for an audience of one, and she sang along as she pushed herself around the room.  I spoke to her about Jesus and then wheeled her back to her room.  Afterward I went to the room of a resident I know and played for her and a friend.  I don’t despise the day of small beginnings :)  Some might say I missed God because the dream was a room full of people, but I think it was just a test run.

Yesterday I got a call from the nursing home asking if I could preach this Sunday.  I said yes, of course!  This morning as I am waking up Holy Spirit gives me a download on what to speak about (“What’s In a Name?”).  I need to find one of those books that has baby names in it.  Anyway, sometimes you have to put shoes on your dreams and walk them out.  I might not have been asked to preach this Sunday if I hadn’t gone last.  I want this to be a year of hearing His voice better and being very quick to obey.  After all, He doesn’t speak just to be heard, but to be obeyed!

In other news, my mom was asked to join a group who are going to begin studying Bill Johnson’s, “When Heaven Invades Earth.”  Can you hear me chuckling?  I’m actually getting ready to head down to see her today and take her to the store, get ready for this big storm that’s coming and encourage her.  I shared with her last night that she is beginning a journey I started almost five years ago.  The thought of my mom “getting this” brings more joy than you can imagine because the locusts have eaten many of her years.  This is a restoration I want to see!


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