I have no socks!


Let’s see, it’s after midnight and I’m wide awake!  Only got home from the conference a half hour ago.  It was off the charts in so many ways.  It got off to a great start!  One of the interns was given instructions to escort us in to get seats before the doors opened, so Kevin and I got to choose some good seats and relax a bit.  It was great catching up with friends, and I was sharing with one my recent experience with being laid up and all God had taught me through it.  I mentioned about how I used to go to conferences and just reallyreallyreally want to be one of the ones called out by the speaker and given a word but that had shifted and it really didn’t matter now.  So Steve Swanson leads worship and David Wagner follows to take up the offering but before he does he starts giving out words of knowledge.  He had people raise their hands if they had kidney issues.  My kidney numbers have been dropping in recent years and I hesitated but finally raised my hands (others had as well).  I thought he was just going to pray for all of us, but he calls me out and proceeds to launch into a huge word most of which I don’t remember (I’m thankful they were taping it!).  Jesus rocks my socks off.  And of course I want to ask you, Ian, because I know you’ll be reading this, how did you know?!  Makes me wonder what the rest of the conference will be like!

Larry Randolph was the evening speaker, and spoke with an intensity and authority I’d never seen in him.  I know he’d had trouble getting there (flight issues), and as I’d also been fighting a migraine all day I knew it would be good.  The room was packed and there was a palpable hunger, and I need to get to bed and get some rest, although I’m so wound up, Lord help me sleep!!!  Help me, Jesus :)


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