A week has flown by already.  So far so good!  2016 has been pretty sweet and I’m enjoying my “pic a day” project.  I’ve been taking it easy, still healing from the back injury on Christmas Day, and find that slowing down has been a very good thing.  For one who used to measure her days in terms of what got checked off a list, it would appear I’ve not had a productive year, but I’m learning to rest.  I am still, however, waking up most nights in the middle of the night and that can make me quite tired through the day.  After what seemed like an hour-long “personal tropical vacation” I finally got up and am writing this.  I suppose my body is going through “climate change” lol.  I could write a book:  “Is This a Heat Flash or is This Holy Spirit?” except I don’t know the answer!  Think I’ll plug in my earplugs and listen to today’s “Pray As You Go” reading.  Maybe I’ll get some answers :)

Kevin took off work Friday because there’s a conference at Global  (“Focus”) with Larry Randolph, David Wagner, and Bob Hazlett we’re going to attend together.  I think the last conference I attended was VOP last April.  Should be an interesting one, but in any event it’s a good way to start the New Year.  And who knows?  Maybe God has a word for us there.


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