Hey There Lonely Girl


My days are blurring into weeks, and I’ve been negligent about posting again.  It’s a busy time of year, but that’s no excuse.  We find time for the things we want to do.  Lately I’ve had thoughts of changing this blog to a video blog…once I get some equipment.  I suppose I could always use my phone.  In any event, nothing much has been happening, just life as usual.  It has a way of slipping by as we wait for “suddenlys and somedays.”  That said, I am learning to be more fully present in today lest I walk right past a burning bush and fail to turn aside because I’ve got too many things to do.  I am slated to head to North Carolina tomorrow but plans could change.  I hope not though, as I find a lot of peace on “the mountain” and love spending time with my friend, Mary.  It does my heart good.

Kevin and I have had some great times of prayer at night, and many times I find that a dream in the morning can actually be linked to what we were talking about or a question we were asking God when we went to sleep.  Last night I was just thinking about my childhood, how lonely I was.  Because of ridicule and pain, I learned from a young age to keep to myself and hide how I was truly feeling.  Things shape us, and I don’t blame anyone but recognize all these things have made me the person I am today.  I’m having to go back, though, to that place and be that child again, learning to trust Him with more than my head.  “Unless you come to Me as little children….”

So this morning as my mind fires back up and thoughts yawn I hear, “Hey there lonely girl” and smile.  I couldn’t remember the lyrics so I looked them up.  The next line melted my heart, “Let me make your broken heart like new.”  Jesus, I am Yours :)


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