Off again!


As opposed to on again, lol.  I’m taking the time to throw a short post on the board to let you know I’m headed back down to Moravian Falls to spend time with Mary.  She has a project she’s working on and I’m going to help and even if she didn’t I’d find an excuse to go there and spend time with her, lol.

Today is the last day of my fast.  I had an interesting dream this past Friday (three days ago) that had to do with an elevator that I thought was going up but went down three flights to the basement (where a bunch of people with luggage got on).  It finally did go up though to the 20th floor.  Twenty can represent expectancy, and I wondered if that meant I was to expect something in three days, which would be today!  I guess time will tell!  I am always hopeful though.  Kevin’s had some dreams, too, and one was about a bulldozer pushing stone around at the warehouse and denting all the trailers and things around because they weren’t moved first.  I told him what I thought it meant and he’s pondering it.  Well we both are actually because I’m still new at this and need to get a few hundred interpretations under my belt before I start to even think I might be getting a handle on it, lol.

Summer is quickly drawing to a close.  It amazes me how fast time goes anymore.  Truly our lives are like vapors and pass quickly!  I’m saving for video equipment and last week came up with the title for one of the videos I’d like to make (“Gideon’s Daughters”).  There’s no time to spare, I need to get to work!


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