Baby steps


This morning at prayer meeting someone shared a request for a young lady in the hospital fighting for her life (liver failure).  She’d made some bad choices that led to this, but “fight” rose up in me and I wanted to go pray for her in person, so afterward I asked the one who shared the request if she’d go with me and she said yes.  We agreed to meet at 3:15, and we did, except I had never been to this particular hospital and went to the wrong place (directing my friend there as well).  I’m glad she has lots of His grace for me in her life :)  I had called her on the way because I forgot something and she hadn’t left yet, so I asked her to bring some oil and said olive oil would be fine.  Funny thing is she laughed, which made me wonder.  As she got out of her car, she said she got the oil and pulled a large can of motor oil out of her car.  Now it was my turn to laugh!  Obviously she thought it was for my car.  God sure has a sense of humor :)

After we Googled the right location (thank God for smart phones!) we drove to the correct hospital and I missed the plain-as-day sign for the entrance and couldn’t figure out where to go.  Nothing a little turning around can’t fix.  We drove a little further, parked our cars and proceeded to walk to the entrance…of the wrong building!  Back we go, undeterred, and chuckling at ourselves and how God must get a kick out of us too.  Up four flights we went, then knocked and entered the wrong room!!!  The nurse redirected us and we saw a sign outside informing us we had to wear protective clothing as evidently she was fighting MRSA as well.

We spent the next two hours talking with “Angela” (name changed), telling her about Jesus, leading her in a prayer and also praying for her.  I felt led to speak to her about unforgiveness and how it can affect us physically, about the need to forgive (the command, actually), and she seemed open.  It was obvious she’s in pain, and she watched the clock like a hawk for the nurse to come at the appointed time.  She’s in a lot of emotional pain as well.  She didn’t have a Bible and my friend had a brand new one in her car, so after we said our goodbyes we went down to get it.  We each wrote something in it and then prayed together that the words would go deep into Angela’s heart and bring her healing.  Then my friend chuckled and said she was going to do something only I would appreciate.  She proceeded to get the can of oil, dip her finger in it and anoint the Bible.  I wonder if that’s the first time motor oil has been used to anoint something?

These are baby steps, and though we “fall” or make wrong moves, we eventually will learn to walk.  And I’m not concerned with looking smooth or as if I have my act together because a) it’s not my act and b) He delights in His children.  We were certainly children today, and it is my prayer that God heard and will answer according to His will.  He’s a good, good God :)


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