Many streams, one ocean


I’m not sure how I get so busy but I am, heading out in a few to meet some ladies for lunch.  One of them just got back from Africa where she had gone on a crusade with Maria Vadia.  I’m anxious to hear her stories, because God is surely using Maria to bring His light and healing to the nations.  Anyway, it’s been a busy week, to say the least, although looking back now I wonder what I did!

I am still fasting and it’s going well.  When you are called into a fast, He gives the grace for it, and that is certainly true once again.  That doesn’t mean it’s always easy.  I do have a protein bar a day and sometimes a yogurt at night, which sounds like cheating but I have to be careful.  In some ways doing that makes it harder because my stomach never truly “goes to sleep” so every day at some point I deal with hunger pangs.  I’m also taking a lot of vitamins and paying close attention to my heart rhythm, because fasting can mess that up and may have contributed to some of the health issues I now face.  I am encouraged by the grace He’s given for it, though, and by a short, simple word I got last night.

I’d received an email from Healing Tree International that a couple was going to be in from Pittsburgh and were carrying fire.  Remembering the vision Kevin got at a conference a year and a half ago (he saw fire starting in west/northwestern PA, going to Harrisburg, and then down to Washington DC), I felt a stirring to go.  Couple that with the fact that they carry an anointing from the area (think Kathryn Kuhlman) and yes, it brought to mind the prophecy Shanna Biedron gave me four years ago.  Interesting that she started that word with Rev. 22:2, which is the verse Healing Tree uses.

It is interesting going to something new, a place where you don’t know anyone but there is a bond and the freedom that the Spirit brings.  Worship consisted of two songs with prophecy peppered throughout.  The speakers shared from their lives and I love hearing stories of how God moves and leads people.  But I think if you asked, most people would say they were there for the prayer and impartation, which came at the end.  No, I didn’t feel anything, but I got a simple word and sometimes less is more.  In so many words she said something like, “I see God bringing healing, not just the gift, but healing to your body, and bringing wholeness.”  During worship I’d been praying, as I almost always do, “Lord, I want to worship you with my whole heart,” so yes, wholeness is what I’m after.  They also passed around a key that had been given to them which unlocks the gate to the place where Kathryn is buried.  It was a prophetic act, and when I got it I held it to my heart and said a simple prayer.

This past weekend we attended a Great Commission Conference at The Gathering in Moravian Falls.  Kevin had flown down on Thursday and attended it with me.  It was the first time he saw David Hogan speak, and he was quite blown away.  He didn’t know what to make of the people piling up clothing, shoes, handkerchiefs, etc., at the front, but he put his sandals there eventually, and we put our wedding bands on his handkerchief and tied them to an easel.  David shared how someone (I believe it was the guy who invented the screen for the iPhone 6) took a handkerchief which had been like so many that laid at the front and put it on his dead brother that he came back to life!  It can and does happen :)  When he and his wife prayed for us, Kevin got hot all over his body.

Anyway that event was a Morning Star event, and then I go to a Healing Tree event, have been to an Alliance conference, a Catholic one, and tons of things at Global.  I see God moving in all of these streams, all heading toward the ocean.  Occasionally streams converge, and when they do they become stronger.  Oh, what God can do when we come together as one!  He’s doing that in spite of ourselves, breaking down walls, bringing unity without diluting the truth, and it’s a glorious thing to behold.  It’s about time we got with the program as the harvest is on our doorsteps!


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