In the meantime


There’s a saying that goes something like, “All things come to those who wait”, to which I’ve often heard added “as long as they work while they wait.”  I’m still trying to learn how to rest, which somehow the left side of my brain equates with doing nothing, though I know that’s far from the truth!  Jesus did everything out of rest, and doing nothing is not something anyone can accuse Him of!  No, you can be quite busy while you are resting.  I have been pretty busy myself, hence the lack of posts.  Since my last one we’ve made good headway into finishing off my half of the basement and making it “my lower upper room.”  Another week and I should be done and hopefully be able to start writing again (or attempt to anyway).  No, I haven’t come up with the funds for the trip to Ireland, but there’s always next year!  Last weekend we took the older two grandboys to the beach, and it was a lot of work but they enjoyed it.  Of course you come home from “vacations” like that needing another vacation, but we’ll get through, lol.

Squash bugs have attacked my garden, and my cucumber plants have shriveled.  Summer has kicked in somewhat late and I’ve had to water it for the past two days.  Hoping for some rain today because we’re to have more days of sun.  I just spent some time praying and reflecting on a prayer that was prayed over me recently, blessing the “meantime.”  It seems there are “squash bugs” in my soul as well trying to shrivel up some of my hopes and dreams.  God sends showers of blessing, though, and gets us through.  The dry times help us appreciate the rain all the more, because our attempts at watering will only go so far.  I could use a good drenching in the meantime and am watching the sky :)


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