That Kill Me Part


So Monday morning I’m riding to Global on my scooter and am contemplating what I’d just written perhaps fifteen minutes before and I’m telling God I want to be that brave and I’m in and out of these thoughts and song.  As I’m singing the song He gave me a couple weeks ago (for the gazillionth time, lol) and I get to “And someday I’ll know that moment divine” out pops a deer.  There was no time to hit the brakes and I barely let off the throttle when I hit it.  I still see it right there beside/in front of me, and I heard myself gasp.  The bike wobbled and I looked in my side mirror to see it had been spun around and dazed, trying to get its footing.  I kept going, somewhat shaken, and pulled over down the road a ways because I thought I should check my bike and make sure nothing got messed up.  Well I couldn’t find a hair or a mark anywhere.  I’m fairly certain I hit its head with my headlight and rang its bell good, and I felt it graze me as I passed by it, but there was no evidence that anything had even happened.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I was singing that particular song and had gotten to that particular part.  I’d go so far as to say that if I’d have been singing it a mile down the road there would have been a deer there waiting for me, for God’s “Now!”  He knew right where I’d be when I hit that part (no pun intended!).  And it had to be a deer because that, dear, was a message too :)  I’ve often felt that way, too, like the deer panting by the water.  I was told that last night at midnight they added a second to the world clock.  So?  Well, a second either way and I’d have broadsided it and most likely crashed or it would have run right into me and probably had the same result.  I mean, you just don’t hit a deer on your motorcycle going 45 and ride away from it.  But God.

Global Plus has been good.  They have been long days, and I’ve had to take naps at breaks.  The speakers so far have been Earl Harris, Mariruth Borden, Sean Feucht, Micah Williams, Charles Stock, and Jamie Galloway.  Sean is a part of Burn 24-7 and shared how he goes to the front lines in war zones and worships God.  They actually they have been invited there to do that by Kurdish Muslims because when they do they always win the battle!  I believe it was Jehoshaphat who set the precedent for that :)  He showed some footage and spoke about stewarding the place of worship and prayer in our lives.  He also spoke about the darkness that’s coming but said the greatest revelations are often accessible in the darkest days.  If we don’t stay in the presence, encounter, and a posture of worship we will not make it!

Micah spoke about offense and how to deal with it.  It’s an important teaching and something that many people don’t realize they even carry around.  There’s a healthy and an unhealthy way to process offenses/insults when they come (and they will) so that they don’t “stick to us” so to speak.  Charles Stock spoke in the afternoon yesterday about love and shared his testimony, which was amazing.  I went up to him at a break and asked him to pray for me (something I rarely do anymore) but I’m glad I did.  He started prophesying and confirmed a couple of things.

In the evening Jamie spoke.  Interestingly enough, I had read a statement earlier, “I don’t want you to be an echo, I want you to be a voice” and he said he was going to speak on finding your voice.  I feel as if I could say, “Which one?”  Haha.  Anyway, it was good.  He did some prophesying at the end and called out a heart condition and I raised my hand.  Then he asked if I had a birthday the beginning of July.  I said no, September, so he thought perhaps the word was for someone else and asked if anyone else did and there was another lady who raised her hand.  He prophesied over her, but I felt the word was for me too as early July has some significance so I kind of claimed the word for myself too, and my spirit witnessed with what he was saying.  I’m anticipating good things.  After all, I should be dead, and He spared my life for a reason!


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    • Thanks Ian! Yes, I am and have been thanking God for His protection! And yes, I will keep pressing in! Just getting ready to head over there for another amazing day! Hope to write soon :) Blessings, ~p

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