Off to a good start


Last night was registration/orientation for Global Plus.  Afterward Brian Connolly spoke.  Brian is one of my favorite people when it comes to speakers because he’s a man who loves the word, people, and is very passionate about his relationship with Jesus.  He spoke about the barren women of the Old Testament and how many in the body of Christ are feeling that “barrenness” in their own lives as we desire to see God’s seed come to fruition.  Where are the “greater works than these”?  I for one have been feeling this for a while, and it’s not going away.  It’s a holy discontent, and he used the picture of clothes in a washing machine.  It’s not just water and the soap that gets things clean, it’s the agitation!  If you’re feeling that, then press in!!!  Perseverance is key as the waiting takes many out.  But this waiting, trusting the process, pressing in is where you find out what you’re really made of.  We are constantly becoming what we are inside, but are we educated past the level of our obedience?  Brian said that David Hogan prays two prayers every day:  God, show me the fruit of my obedience, and change me or kill me.  The first part of that prayer sounds really good.  The second half I have been praying, minus the or-kill-me part.  Am I brave enough to pray that?


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