What a week!


So much for blogging through the week, lol.  My this week went fast!  They usually do when you’re on vacation.  We flew out last Saturday from Newark and cut it a little close on timing.  I will get another attempt to pass that test in the future, I’m sure, because I stressed (and we even left early, we thought).  In any event, after all that rushing our plane was held up for a half hour, but we arrived in Bozeman close to our original time and met up with our friends, who took us to the hotel.  In the morning we had breakfast and picked a church to attend services.  It was an E-Free church and it was awesome that the time of worship and the message were tied in to things God has been speaking to me about.  It’s great to visit other churches, and this was a healthy one!  Then we were off to the grocery store on our way to Big Sky.  We were treated to a herd of Bighorn sheep grazing by the road and I got some good pictures.

Our accommodations this year weren’t as nice, but it’s right at the complex and more convenient that way.  With the lower amounts of snow, it’s actually a good thing we stayed here or we might have had trouble getting from Lone Moose over (without driving).  Monday’s skiing, however, was the pits.  The conditions weren’t very good at all.  But it did start to snow midway through the day, and it continued off and on through Wednesday!  Kevin had been praying for 9″ and I believe we got twice that!  Tuesday the skiing was better, and I started to become more comfortable with the conditions.

Wednesday we took the day off to give our legs a break and drove back to Bozeman.  They have some cool shops, so we tooled around town.  On the way back we stopped at one of many ski shops and they had their Marmot gear half price.  I got a pair of Gore-Tex pants and a down “skirt.”  We made it back in time to catch a showing of Cinderella (I love that Kevin indulges me these girlie movies, lol).  It was a great movie!  Courage, Kindness, and Forgiveness is what the movie was about.  Disney knocked it out of the park with that one!

Thursday’s skiing was the best all week.  With all that fresh powder they had groomed the majority of the mountain and we were lovin’ it!  By noon, though, it started to soften up and get “sticky.”  It’s just weird how you can be gliding along and all of a sudden it’s as if your skis just stop.  Of course your body doesn’t and you about do an endo, lol.  I quit earlier than the others because I’m not comfortable in that stuff.  Today it was icy early but quickly warmed up and the sun softened everything.  We skied for a couple hours and then split as couples.  Kevin and I went to the little burrito shack and had lunch, did one run, and then headed back.  The other couple isn’t back yet and that was two hours ago!  But I was ready to quit.

It’s been a great week.  We love getting away with our Alaskan friends and wish we could do this more often!  She and I have been playing a game on her iPad called “Bookworm.”  Her record before this week was 1.3 mil.  We are at 2.3 mil right now!  Time to scoot!  Headed back up to enjoy this lovely weather!  Catch you soon!


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