Big Sky, Smilin’ at Me


Oh wait, that’s BLUE sky, lol.  Well, no blue skies today, but an onion snow that made a mess of things.  Welcome spring :)  As for Kevin and I, we are heading back into winter for one last shebang on the slopes at Big Sky, Montana.  Like last year, our friends from Alaska are flying down to meet us.  We look forward to seeing them again, and Kevin’s long overdue for a break.  This year I’m taking my son’s old laptop so we can Skype with the grandchildren while we’re there.  Perhaps I’ll even have time to post a few pics and share our adventures!  I will ski as long as my knee allows me to, but once it starts talkin’ I’m heading back.  I have plenty of reading material and am taking some DVDs.  The week will go fast, I’m sure.

I wish there were more interesting things to report, although “interesting” can mean many things, so perhaps it’s good that things are quiet.  I’ve had to learn (and relearn) some interesting lessons recently, and have come to realize just how much I operate on autopilot.  That has to change, but how exactly does one do that?  Especially when I have the attention span of a five-year-old, lol.  Maybe it’s not that so much as I have ten channels playing on that radio in my head at the same time.  I have read and reread some good books on prayer and still find myself so easily distracted.  I wonder sometimes if Brother Lawrence were alive today in this high-tech, information-filled, noisy world how he would handle it without unplugging from absolutely everything.  ~sigh~  In any event, I’m getting to a place I’ve always known, that I can’t do it.  Even if I knew how I doubt I could.  I definitely work out my salvation with fear and trembling, but at times I feel that all my working out is taking me in circles.  I have to believe this is all part of the process, that God will get me where I need to be, and that I haven’t “missed it.”  I’m counting on His faithfulness.


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