Good report


Thought I should come back and let you know that Kevin’s CT scan results showed that he had scar tissue in his lung and they aren’t concerned about it!  Praise God!  Personally I think the scar tissue is recent, that it’s the result of prayers that went up for him and it killed it, whatever it was.  But in any event, we are grateful, very grateful for this good report.

I don’t have time for a catch-up post right now, and there’s not much to report anyway.  I did have a dream this morning that had John Paul Jackson in it (which is a first), but I think that might be because I had watched his memorial service yesterday.  He didn’t say anything, he was talking to someone whose back was to me, and then he just locked eyes with me for a looooong time.  I kept waiting for him to say something, and then he left.  Today was the last day of our ladies’ study on his Dreams course.  We are planning to set up a sign (if we’re allowed) at a local Starbucks advertising free dream interpretation and see what happens!  Time to practice what we learned.  If we never get out there and do it, then what good is it?  Anyway, we’re all a bit nervous about that but excited, too.


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  1. If you notice someone else’s eyes in your dream, then it indicates an emotional or intimate connection with that person. It also signifies a mutual understanding.

    Love and blessings, Lynn


    • Thanks Lynn! I definitely admired JPJ and was glad to hear that they are going to publish his manuscripts! I look forward to reading them :) Love you, ~p

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