Prophetic Headlines


I will should on myself and say I really should write more frequently, because a lot has happened.  Since the last post Kevin and I went to Moravian Falls to visit our friends and to also attend a conference at The Gathering with Bobby Conner.  We’d never heard him speak and were blown away at his knowledge of the word (when he preaches it’s as if he just takes the Word and throws it like seeds out into the audience) as well as his stories.  It’s been a while since either of us laughed so hard.  Some may consider that irreverent in a church, but joy is a good (I would argue a very good) thing.  In any event, Saturday at the end of the session Bobby did impartation and I confess, I double dipped, lol.  But it was Kevin who had the encounter that night, complete with a conversation with Jesus and hearing the pitter-patter of children’s feet all around him.  When we got home I bought Kevin a journal.  He needs to be writing these things down.  He continues to have dreams, and it’s becoming clear that he is an intercessor.  I have an amazing husband :)

Some sad news is that John Paul Jackson passed away.  It just doesn’t seem possible as there was so much he had yet to teach us and I feel as if we’ve been robbed!  That sounds really selfish, I know, considering that He is now in heaven and would never want to leave.   We’ve got a couple of lessons in his Dreams and Visions course yet, but all through it he’d mention things he wanted to do and/or write about.  I sure hope he finished his own book on dream interpretation.  In tooling around his website (Streams Ministries) I saw something about “Prophetic Headlines” and watched it.  Wow.  The sons of Issachar see what’s coming, and some of the headlines fit right in with what I feel is coming to this nation.  It’s no wonder people are stocking up on things and trying to get off the grid.  I refuse to live in fear, but I do believe there are things it would be wise to do, so we’re looking in to doing a few things ourselves.  In any event, we are living in “interesting times,” as the old Chinese saying goes, but for such a time as this we are here.  It’s going to be amazing :)

Today we went skiing (had a friend who gave us a couple passes) and gave my legs a workout.  I only skied one time last year and thought perhaps I’d be more tentative but I wasn’t.  I even went down a double black, although it’s a very short run.  Made my right knee “warm” (the one I injured years back) so I took it easy after that.  Now it’s time to go visit the grandkids and enjoy their shenanigans.  They really are wonderful.


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