Tares and tears


I’ve gotten into a bad habit of not writing.  Actually that might not be so bad, depending on what I might have shared, lol.  I’ve certainly been busy enough and have plenty of things to write about, although after a few days they all mix together like alphabet soup and I have a hard time pulling sentences together.  And then there are things I’d like to write about but choose not to.

In the news of my life, I’m happy to announce the birth of our third grandson, who is just under two weeks old now.  He’s a real cutie and mom and baby are doing well.  So’s the rest of the family for that matter.  He made his appearance while I was several states away traveling with my friend Mary.  I was hoping he’d either come before I left or after I got back, but the timing was perfect for what God was doing in my own life.

On the way out we listened to a teaching by Paul Keith Davis about God watering the tares in our soul.  There are times in our lives when he does that, waters the weeds so they grow up and can be easily seen for what they are (and ultimately uprooted from our lives).  It’s not comfortable or pleasant and feels a lot like discipline, but the truth is that He does that because He loves us and wants to conform us to the image of His Son.  Without going into detail, suffice it to say something happened which exposed an issue with rejection and I had a mini-crisis.

I am still, two weeks later, dealing with the aftermath.  I know in life there are times when you go three steps forward, two steps back.  No one really wants to do the two steps back part, but sometimes it happens.  Now it seems I am questioning everything.  Perhaps that’s not a bad thing, because I know God is shaking me and I’ve certainly written enough about that lately.  I just don’t seem to get very far without crying.  Tares and tears are, after all the same word, just with the letters arranged differently in my spoon.  Sometimes you have to eat your words for them to go deep.


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