I love when He moves hearts


I’m not sure what shifted at church today but something did.  I’m sure prayer had a lot to do with it as many of us have been praying for and against things, but prayer meeting was powerful and pastor didn’t pull any punches with his sermon.  People are getting hungrier to see a real move of God in our midst, and He promises to feed the hungry!  He is changing hearts, moving people away from fear into freedom, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold!

Speaking of hungry I went to a ladies’ conference yesterday.  I had missed the start of it the evening before because we had a function with the governing board that I couldn’t miss, so I ordered the CDs so I could hear the testimony of the speaker, Jo Ellen Stevens.  It was the first time I’d heard her speak, and actually the first time I visited this church (a little over an hour away in York), which is one of the most diverse and healthiest I’ve seen in a long time.  It actually was an awesome time, and helped settle me in many ways.  I did a fair amount of crying (which of course I would because I put makeup on, hahaha), but they were good tears.  It was a beautiful thing because she seemed to tie many things together that I’d both received through prophetic words, dreams, and just revelation that God had been giving me.  I’m anxious to get the CDs and listen to them again.  I came away refreshed and encouraged, which is as it should be!

In other news my youngest starts a job tomorrow, his first full-time job and in the field he studied, so we are very grateful and praying it will go well for him.  He’s had a rough time of it in some ways, between stuff happening to him and against him, but we’re praying God will redeem the years the locusts have eaten.  We love him a lot and know God loves him even more :)

This week will be another busy one (they all seem to be lately).  I am still working on a short video for a contest (deadline is next weekend), and I’ll be going to Global at least one day this week to work on my project there.  It’s all very rewarding and exciting, but I know that I need also (and actually this should be my #1 priority) to work on time with God spent in worship and waiting on Him.  I used to do that a lot more than I do now, and that needs to change.


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