What’s shakin’?


I love words.  I love how you can play with them and twist them, make them say something they don’t, mean something entirely different than what was intended.  I am surprised by their power and yet I shouldn’t be.  After all, it was with words that God created everything and since we are made in His image it is no surprise that we create in our individual worlds.  That old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is about as true as the belief that we can choose not to forgive someone and it will have no effect on us.  Anyway, I also hate words.  I hate how you can play with them and twist them, make them say something they don’t, mean something entirely different than what was intended, how they can create wounds that linger for a lifetime, scar a heart to the point that it sends out missiles of its own more out of self-protection than anything (the mouth reveals what is in the heart).  

When I got back from Alaska I found myself immediately thrust into the position of Peacemaker between some aggrieved parties I serve with in our town.  I also had a boatload of work dumped on me because of it as one of the parties stepped down.  God’s grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in weakness and I’m pretty weak, but yeah, He’s been shaking just about everything that can be shaken lately (notice how crazy the world is getting?).  I’m learning to be a better listener, not just to people but the Holy Spirit.  There are a few problems that need to be solved and I keep asking for wisdom.  A couple days ago I was walking home from meeting with someone and He downloaded the answer on the way.  It was brilliant!  (Hint:  When you hear, “Why don’t you….” that’s a pretty good indication that it’s God speaking and not your own thoughts!)  In any event, one of the aggrieved parties used to do a lot of work for the borough and now is not.  Since I’ve been put in charge of that area it falls on my shoulders.  

I spoke with a friend a few days ago and she thinks I should step down.  I do, after all, have a heart condition I’m dealing with (which, btw, I’ve had a few days where I actually had a normal heartbeat for a time, praise God!) and stress isn’t a good thing.  But I believe much more stressful days are coming and now would be a good time to learn how to rest in spite of stress.  There are solutions, and just realizing I don’t have to fix everything takes a load off.  He’s got this, I just keep looking to Jesus and answers will come.  So far so good.  Oh, and I’m learning to turn the other cheek.  If I was easily offendable, I’d have resigned by now.

Perhaps this is part of why I’m here in this particular town.  My friend Mary had a dream a couple days ago in which a bright shaft of light came down from heaven into her and then shot over to me and that we were going to influence the areas in which we lived.  Jesus then appeared and said, “You are a conduit of My love.”  I’m a part of that “you” and have a job to do right here where I live.  Yes there is business that needs to be attended to, but my real job is to love these parties and seek a means of reconciliation.  

I’ve been reading “The Cure.”  At the end of the book he speaks about destiny and how when we’re young we have all these talents, gifts, hopes and dreams we long to give away.  He quotes Philip Yancey, who asks, “Is it absurd to believe that one human being, a tiny dot on a tiny planet, can make a difference in the history of the universe?”  I don’t think it is.  I believe, as the author of the book does, that “Our destiny is always about loving others, or being prepared to love others.”  He goes on to state that that’s why we need healing so much.  When we have unhealed wounds, they take our attention and we can’t focus on others.   Destiny is “categorically greater than potential.”  Peter had the potential to be a great fisherman.  God had other plans and even today Peter draws us to God.  

“God’s goal for each of us is never simply healing or safety or rest or even receiving love, as astounding as those gifts may be.  His goal is that we’d be released into the sense of purpose we haven’t been able to shake all of our lives.”  So, that said, what’s shakin’ in your life?  ;)


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