One more day!


This is our last full day in Nome, and I’m sure gonna miss this place!  Since I last wrote we went for a drive Saturday up the coast to the train to nowhere (though we didn’t actually see it lol).  Our friend Anna took us and started a fire with some driftwood on the beach.  We got rained on starting it but dried off quickly.  Hopefully I won’t get in trouble saying this but I caught two salmon (gave them both to residents–in fact we got to eat one yesterday!).  Next year I want to come back with Kevin and get licenses (they’re expensive for non-residents) and do it seriously, not just to say we did!  Man can they ever fight!!!  We saw musk ox again, too, and maybe a grizzly, but it was so dark we couldn’t tell.

On Sunday after church we took a drive to Teller and got to see some village life, meet a musher, have coffee with an interesting chap, eat reindeer dogs over a campfire on the beach, and then on the way home saw a red fox just outside the town (perhaps hoping to sneak some freshly netted salmon off the drying racks).  A few more miles down the road we saw two moose and pulled over then watched as they slowly crossed the road in front of us!!!  It was glorious!!!  The drive back took some time because we kept stopping to take pictures.  It was a full moon and crazy beautiful!

It’s almost noon now and we will soon head out to take some pictures, look for sea glass and who knows what else, lol.  Yesterday we took the van to the cemetery and sat there and prayed for Nome.  Bob Jones had an interesting prophecy about five cities (not big ones) in Alaska and the angels assigned to them.  I believe Nome is one of those places he spoke of.  Come on Jesus!



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