There’s that eagle again!


Had a pretty rough night last night, was blindsided by the enemy and had the wind knocked out of me (lessons learned–I hope!). But in God’s providence, last week I’d scheduled an appointment with a counselor friend for this morning, so I went, all puffy-eyed and weary. During our hour together we prayed several times, and towards the end she got a picture of Jesus on an eagle hovering high overhead watching over me. I thought that was interesting (eagles seem to be a continuing theme here lately).

A few hours later I spoke with Kevin on the phone, who confirmed that I was still to speak on Sunday, and we talked about that for a bit. At the end of our conversation I heard him say, “Wow, there’s a bald eagle circling the shop overhead!” (The “shop” is the building where he has his business.) I proceeded to tell him about what my friend saw during prayer time. We were both greatly encouraged.

More confirmation, and He knew I needed that (I think we both did). Jesus knows me, this I love :)


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