Change is in the air


This past Sunday at the end of the service the pastor announced that I would be preaching next Sunday and called me up to the front to be prayed over. Yes, you heard right, I’m going to be preaching at my church. I thought it would send a tremor through the congregation but it was more like an earthquake. I felt a wave of something akin to fear wash over them and wanted to shout, “It’s gonna be all right, really!” It hit me pretty hard, and if God hadn’t confirmed that I’m to do this I’d be seriously second guessing myself about now.

I have friends praying for me, which is good, because the week has already been challenging. Sleep has been interrupted, heat flashes are intensifying, my stomach is upset, and there are always too many things to do. I spent the day down in Lancaster County with my mom trying to remedy that Medicare situation that we worked on a month ago. She’d lost the notes to the original calls so it was like starting over, but fortunately it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Then I started to work on balancing her checkbook, which hasn’t been done in over a year. I worked on it probably about four hours total until my eyes wouldn’t focus right and my brain started to fry. The good news is I found a deposit she failed to make one month that gives her more money than she thought she had. The bad news is it’s still not balanced! I’m going to try to squeeze another trip down there before I leave for Alaska.

Did I tell you I’m going to Alaska or did that fall through the cracks too? I leave the 30th for two weeks with my friend Mary. I’m taking cameras too. OH! Speaking of cameras, I forgot to say that I stopped by my dad’s this morning and taped him talking about the nickelodeons he’s made. I learned something new today: one of the 89 he made was for Mohammed Ali (he showed me pictures!)! I wonder if he still has it. Dad also striped carriages and sleighs and stuff. He did beautiful work and has over a dozen pieces in the Smithsonian and museums all over the country. And then of course there’s Lennon’s Rolls. That’ll have to wait for another post though. I’m pretty spent and need to get a good night’s sleep.


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  1. Small granddaughter lives in Lancaster County area and she visited me in Alaska two years ago…She also is active in her church and does missionary work. You never know what you will find in the blogs on WordPress…Good luck with the sermon but I am sure God will inspire you…and have a safe trip to Alaska.

    • Thanks Pete! Yes, small world indeed and getting smaller every day! Will be spending our time in Nome, third trip but this time in the summer! Hopefully the mosquitos will have died down by the time I get there or I’ll be a pincushion, lol. Blessings, ~p

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