An unusual dream


I awoke early this morning and couldn’t sleep, so I got up and finished reading a book (it was a compelling read, but I’ll have to tell you about that another day). When I went back to bed around 5:30 this morning I had the thought that I should put a notepad and pen on my nightstand in case I had a dream. And of course I immediately recognized that as coming from Holy Spirit and got prepared…not! My bad.

This one was vivid. And before I dreamed it and I was going in and out of consciousness I was having some experiences (I think) with seeing a vision of a chair beside another chair which turned into a hospital bed. But anyway, I learned something today: the point at which I start to forget a dream is when I roll over so don’t roll over and for heaven’s sake put that pad and pen beside the bed! This is what I remember…

I was talking with a woman I knew and noticed that her eyes would change color and she would look away when that happened because she didn’t want me to see it. It wasn’t that they turned black or something, the colors I believe were normal eye colors, but I said something and then she got nervous. I found out she had been reading/becoming involved with some type of innocent-looking witchcraft (don’t remember the name but it had one) and at that point commanded her to look at me. She did and she repented and was able to get free. Then I ran into another woman I knew (I remember her name but because I didn’t get up right away forgot who the first one was except that they went to the same church). Same thing happened again. There was a bit more of a struggle with this one to get her to look at me because she didn’t know if she wanted to give up what she was doing, but she got free as well. Then there was the third. This was actually a student from Global who is quite powerful–and drawn to power. Same thing started to happen, but I wasn’t on guard and she quickly reached over and touched my eyes and they went shut and I couldn’t open them. I did some spiritual warfare and could barely open them but that didn’t stop me from preaching to her and warning her.

Next “scene” was me walking into a meeting that several CMA pastors and their wives were holding. I asked if I could have a minute of their time, I had to share what had just happened that involved one of their churches. I believe our district superintendent was there. I shared what went on and said if they wanted to know the names of the women and the church I would tell them but that was not a decision I was going to make.

Next “scene” I was standing in front of a room full of CMA pastors telling them what was coming into the churches and that they needed to get ready, that people wanted answers and were getting into things they shouldn’t, that God’s power was available to all believers and we needed to “get with the program” and it was in our DNA for heaven’s sake! Well I didn’t say it like that. Actually it was quite a good sermon and I think I was beginning to wake up and thinking about how good it really was, “Like wow, that had to be God” when I rolled over and it started to slip away.

Things that makes you go hmmmm….


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