That giant sucking sound


Some years back (1992 to be exact) Ross Perot made a statement about what he believed would be the negative effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which he opposed.  It referenced the sound as that of being the jobs heading south for Mexico should NAFTA be approved.  Well, I’ve been hearing another giant sucking sound lately, and it’s called “life.”

It’s only been a few weeks since graduation, and after a bit of a break I jumped right back into projects at the house.  It took me nearly two weeks but the garden is mostly in, weeded (got behind on that, big mistake), and mulched (yes, mulched, and it looks great!).  I’ll have to post a pic when we put the melon trellis up.  It’s a work of art if I do say so myself :)  So now my focus shifts to the other side of the property with its blueberry patch in the corner and many square yards of dirt which is fast turning into a weed pile.  We bought four square yards of playground mulch for all this and have gone through three quarters of it already (and yours truly has moved all that).  It’ll be worth it though.  Once it’s done it’ll be low maintenance for the most part.

There are inside-the-house projects, too, like the doors which need painted and a basement which needs finished.  In fact, everywhere I look there are projects.  I am beginning to hear the giant sucking sound that is life pulling me back from my dreams and into a routine of work, work, and more work.  ~sigh~  I know there’s a balance, but realize that for so long I put things off which needed done because of school that now it’s taking a tremendous amount of work to get caught up.  The good news is I have all summer to do it.  The bad news is, I’m one of those people who wants to get everything done so she can then relax.  Perhaps that’s why I never learned to rest–because I rarely get to the point where everything is done!!!

Last week I went to the Beautiful One conference at Global.  I wasn’t going to go (didn’t really have the registration fee) but contacted the Media Department and sure enough they needed a camera operator!  It was a nice break from a week of weeding and gardening and working.  The speakers were great, but I loved the special little confirmations God gave.  One friend who was in my class last year (and who says she isn’t very prophetic, haha) said, “I see you doing what Darren Wilson does, making documentaries and movies.”  I asked her if she watched the commissioning service and she said no and then told her that I gave a short testimony and in fact said that very thing!  Then the last day a first-year student handed me an art card she’d drawn for an outreach but never gave out.  She said she thought it was for me.  It read:  “I feel that you are a person that strikes others in a way that makes them think of other perspectives.  You are influential in your creativities and help create a place that others are able to feel free to express themselves without judgment.”  Have I mentioned lately how much I loved the prophetic gift?  :) 

So I shouldn’t let the giant sucking sound discourage me and soon (I hope within a few weeks) I should be able to sit down and start fleshing out this project.  Perhaps I’ll call it “As You Go” and follow some graduates around with a camera to see what “life after Global” looks like for them, how God is moving in their lives.  I don’t feel as if I really need to have a plan though, but that I’m just supposed to start filming.  What exactly?  This journey, I guess.  The one I’ve been on for three years now, except this time more of a video blog.  Guess we’ll see.  Just thinking out loud here.

Btw I’d like to add that God gave my husband a word of knowledge at church on Sunday and he gave it!  I was proud of him for being obedient, and though no one said anything directly to Kevin the pastor told him that afterward someone came up and said that word was for them.  Two years ago Paul King gave Kevin a word about fire in his hands and how God was going to use that to “warm up the church.”  It’s happening! 

Oh btw, how do you like the new updo?  Figured it was time for a change, and I’m liking the colors!


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