The Next Chapter


Last week Leif Hetland spoke at Global.  I only got to sit in on the first day but it was amazing.  The rest of the week was spent getting the slide show ready.  Actually the whole week is a blur now.  I know Kevin took the day off Friday and he and I worked the cameras together.  Randy taught and then did impartation.  When Randy prayed for him, Kevin’s hands got hot.  At one point I saw Randy blow on them.  We had a few hours off in the afternoon and then came back in the evening for the commissioning service.  I was chosen to give a short testimony about my internship…

This night brings to an end my three-year journey at Global.  It started in April of 2011 at Voice of the Prophets.  I didn’t know who Randy Clark was and never heard of Global Awakening.  I went to hear Graham Cooke!  At one point Graham said he was going to do impartation, whatever that was, for those who wanted acceleration and I thought sure, I’d love to grow faster, so I went forward.  Then I got a prophetic word and something came alive in me.  I had to have more, so I went to the Global Summer Intensive and proceeded to get all my boxes blown apart.  Then, because there is more, I signed up as an online student, followed by second year onsite.  While there were many things I learned in my first and second years, it was this year that it all gelled.  I can’t say that I’ve arrived by any means, but I’ve certainly come a long way, and more importantly, I began to dream with God again.  In dreaming I found, as Leif Hetland would call it, my “special sauce.”  In all likelihood I would have missed that if I’d turned down this internship.  

It was a great privilege to serve the staff and students at Global School and to work alongside a group of like-minded interns.  All of them have servants’ hearts and we worked well together as a team.  I know they would agree that they have been challenged and stretched in many ways but that it was worth it.  As is so often the case in the Kingdom, it is in giving that you receive, and I have been overwhelmed with the goodness of God this year.  

I am very grateful to Him as well as Dr. Randy, Dr. Mike, Jen, Ruth, Ben, and Andrea for their patience and love and Matt, Canaan, and Alex in the Media Department.  You guys are the best!  And last but not least, my husband, my best friend, who gave me the freedom to go on this journey and chase God with all my heart.  

Many have asked, what will you do now?  I don’t know, travel the world like Darren Wilson does and capture God stories, or make a documentary about William Penn and the Holy Experiment, perhaps even tackle one about human trafficking that is going on in our own country.  I haven’t ruled out making a movie or two in my spare time either.  But whatever I do, I know that it’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be full of Him, because there is more!  :)

The slide show was a hit, then they introduced each class and ended with the interns.  As I’d already given a testimony I decided to have some fun.  This was my introduction:

There once was a young girl named Patti
who was quite precocious and chatty.
Someone called her stupid,
she cried, the lie rooted
(she didn’t know God as her daddy).

Then one day, defeated and feeble,
she chose to resist and fight evil.
She studied at Global,
learned that she was noble
and now loves the hell out of people!

So what now?  Well, I flew down to NC and spent a week with my friend Mary, helping with her daughter’s wedding (which I videotaped) and their move to Moravian Falls.  I have hours and hours of editing to do on the wedding video, and next week am headed to the shore for a few days with another gal pal (one of the interns).  Seems I am still goingoingoing, but hopefully soon there will be time to catch up on things.  I know there are emails I haven’t answered yet, a garden that’s more weeds than anything, songs still waiting to be written, books to be read, grandchildren to love on–the list is a mile long.  Now would be a good time to rest :)




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