Matters of the Heart


It’s been a week of strange dreams–shooting a bear through a screen door, zipping up a winter coat but the zipper isn’t even attached to the coat, stuff like that.  But time marches on (no pun intended) and life keeps happening.  Without checking I don’t remember what I shared about my heart acting up, but I had a barrage of tests back in…January, I think :)  Anyway, the usual stuff, stress echo, colored Doppler, Holter monitor, etc., for an irregular heartbeat that started late last fall.  A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment with a cardiologist to talk about the results:  Twenty percent of my heartbeats are premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) and trust me that’s not good.  She wanted to immediately put me on beta blockers.  I also have a leaky pulmonary valve (not serious but there) and the right side of my heart is enlarged (I asked a friend if this made me half-hearted, lol).  Anyway, it’s no laughing matter.  The good news is I cut my thyroid medicine in half and it was starting to get back into occasional sinus rhythm.  The bad news is my grandson almost fell off the sofa an hour ago and I got a HUGE adrenalin rush and it immediately set my heart banging in my chest.  Prayer helped (thanks L).  I’m very guilty of taking my good health for granted all these years.  The doctor is giving me a couple months to “try prayer and exercise” but said if it doesn’t improve she’s going to twist my arm.  The problem with beta blockers is they lower your blood pressure.  Mine’s already rock bottom.

I shared it with the students yesterday and tried to get across how serious it was without scaring anyone (although perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned the worst-case scenario that I would get to see Jesus sooner and if that was the case gave them permission to raise me from the dead because I still had work to do, lol).  I was blessed with a lot of prayer and love yesterday and today (the Theta class is something else).  It amazes me how much a part of this first-year class I feel.

Speaking of school there are only something like 18 days left (VOP is in there, which I’m not counting).  That’s not very much.  The past two days we had a husband-and-wife team in to talk about missions and reaching the lost.  It was an incredible time and ended with prayer around a poster they’d made (around 3 x 6 feet) that had the name of each unreached people group (something like 1,500 of them).  The type wasn’t that large but could be read standing above it (it was on the floor).  After praying I opened my eyes and Cocos Islands were what they fell on.  I had to laugh because a couple of nights before during an outreach one of the students said he saw God pouring cocoa over me.  (He then shared about “Coco” Banov and the fact that her nickname came from being a co-laborer with Christ.)  I wondered if that was a coincidence but I know better.  I’m tucking that one away for future use.

Tomorrow is a day of wash and packing.  We’re headed for the hills (literally) for six days to rendezvous with our Alaskan friends!  It’s still winter out west (at least I hope it is).


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