The Pursuit (take five or six)


There was another Pursuit conference this week.  This must be my fourth or fifth by now (maybe more!), but it’s the first one that actually sold out.  That may have been due in part to the fact that Larry Randolph was one of the scheduled speakers.  Unfortunately for us, the weather down south held him up.  Fortunately for him, the weather down south held him up.  I say that because he ended up in the hospital (he’s been battling an illness for years) and I’m sure it’s better to be closer to home if you have to be in one of those.  The other speakers (Will, Bob Hazlett, and Paul Martini) filled in, and it was a great conference.  The icing on the cake was Steve Swanson flew in and led worship.  He’s my all-time favorite worship leader, and it was amazing. 

Kevin got to attend part of it with me, although I put him to work on the cameras a couple of times (I directed a couple sessions on Saturday).  Saturday evening Will had a great message and did impartation and Kevin’s hands got hot again (like they did two years ago the first time Randy gave his impartation message).  Will prayed for every single person at the conference who wanted prayer that night.  I love hearing him speak, too, and it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve heard the stories, I don’t get tired of it.

My stories aren’t so big, but they’re mine, and I celebrate them because God is at work in me!  We sat in the back during the afternoon sessions, and that was fun.  There was an eighty-something woman in front of us who was getting rocked during worship.  Don’t know that I’ve ever seen the shaking-type manifestations in one so old, but it was awesome and she was loving it.  I got a word for the woman beside me (perhaps five or ten years older than me) and gave it to her after the first session.  It was pretty cool, actually.  I got a picture of her jumping rope by herself, then jumping rope with two people holding the rope, then double ropes and doing some pretty cool stuff (like teams do).  I don’t remember how we got around to the conversation, but she mentioned joining a prayer group recently.  The scripture I’d gotten was from Ecclesiastes (I think!), “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken,” so I shared that verse with her and that I believed God was going to be bringing two key people into her life and they were going to work as a team, that she was an intercessor, and that those ropes were like prayers circling around her as she was “doing her stuff” in the middle.  Anyway, I hope I see her in the future.  The crazy thing about that word was that it felt more natural than ever and I had a confidence like it was a done deal.  Must have been because Bob Hazlett had just shared about his journey and, I don’t know, it just blessed me! 

One thing I’d been hoping would happen was for Kevin and I to get a word as a couple.  It happened in October (came out of nowhere), and I was specifically asking God for one.  Saturday evening he went out and got Chinese for dinner and handed me a fortune cookie and said, “Here’s your word from God.”  I cracked it open and read, “Stop searching forever, happiness is right next to you.”  He didn’t crack his open until we were ready to leave.  His read, “Great things happen when men and mountains meet.”  Amen to both! :)


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