Merry and Bright


This month has flown by.  The first half was consumed with the internship (no replacement yet so I’m still doing the webcast by myself), and I don’t know where last week went, lol.  Honestly it seems as if the space between Thanksgiving and Christmas shrinks each year!  I did have a fun time last week with my friend Mary who moved to NC.  She came up and stayed for two days, and we did girl stuff.  Now it’s Christmas Eve and I have wings in the oven cooking.  In a couple hours we’ll load up gifts (and dinner) and head down the street to the kids’ house.  It had become our family tradition to open up gifts the night before, and we’re continuing that tradition, except it’s not at our house now, it’s at theirs! 

Speaking of houses, ours is coming along.  Amazingly, our electric bill last month was only a little over three hundred dollars!  Considering that we have a fridge, freezer, water heater, and back-up heat in the air handler (as our source of heat at present) all running up the meter (oh, and I forgot our electric fireplace which also has a heater), I’d say we’re making out pretty good and that insulating the house is paying for itself!  I know we’d have spent at least that much if we’d be burning oil.  

I have a lot of irons in the fire right now–a funny video project for the talent show in February, a new assignment working on a political ad for a gubernatorial candidate to be put on YouTube, and a few other administrative type things for the internship–so I need to stay focused.  Seems as if I’ve had a lot of distractions vying for my attention as well, so I’m going to need to stay on my toes!  The future looks merry and bright, and I’m thankful that I never walk alone and have a brilliant Friend to help me get all of this done.  He is for me!  I’m learning how to trust Him more :)


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