I’m still here


Just dropping by with a short (I think) note to tell you I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth yet.  To say I’ve been busy has been an understatement, but that’s no excuse.  Actually I had started to write a couple of times and then deleted them.  Not always sure how much to share or whether I even should, but a lot has been going on nonetheless.  

Kevin and I went on a fast together for the first time.  It was an every-other-day fast and lasted for about a month.  We started it in October and said we were going to do it until we got a new pastor, and I don’t know how much the fast had to do with it but within a month we had a new pastor!  It’s pretty amazing how God works things out.  They come from western PA and have already found a house and sold theirs during that time as well.  God is not wasting any time, that’s for sure, lol.  Aside from that, there were other benefits to the fast, like the fact that it got Kevin and I praying together regularly.  We need to keep that up now that it’s done, but our schedules are a bit mixed up.  (It’s 10:30 and he’s still not home from work.)  

Things at Global are going well as far as the internship goes.  I’ve had a couple of weeks where I’ve been on my own and have had a few glitches but fortunately there are people who help out.  Just found out this past weekend, though, that Matt (my boss) got a new position and so they’ll have to hire someone else to replace him (I sure hope that new person is as patient as Matt was with me!).  Not sure what that means as far as what’s required of me, especially considering that this week there is a conference and I was going to go away (I had cleared it ahead of time).  Our friends from Alaska are in and we had hoped to spend some time with them.  That may not happen now :(

In other news the other night Kevin had a couple-hour-long encounter which I slept through.  Seriously.  I will say that when I went to bed I was having trouble getting warm but when I woke up it was like a gazillion degrees in the room, something we both attribute to the presence of God.  Anyway, he told me all about it and I was thrilled for him (and for me too because even though I slept through it he was praying for me and God spoke to him about me and us and things in the future, which is pretty cool).  Yes, I’m aware that some don’t believe He still speaks to His children (literally), but we’re not part of that “some.”  What an amazing journey we’re on! 


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