Stepping out of the boat


With a title like that, you’re probably thinking this post will have something to do with taking a risk like Peter and stepping out in faith to do something impossible.  Not exactly.  

Last week Dr. Melodye Hilton was in and taught for three days on the DISC test, values test, and on renewing the mind.  It was all quite fascinating, and I especially enjoyed learning about the actual physical processes which occur when you think certain things (positive or negative thoughts, etc.).  Physically speaking we are what we eat.  The same is true emotionally and spiritually, though what we eat are words and thoughts.  And we have the choice to “eat” negativity (though that’s never a good idea).  The end result was that I became more rooted and grounded in who I am and in my understanding of what renewing the mind looks like for me.  I say “for me” because everyone’s battleground is different.  However, certain principles stay the same, and the enemy uses the same old tricks to get us to “swallow” lies, but we’re all on our own journeys.  Once we become truly aware of what’s going on, though, we are empowered to spit out lies with an “uh-uh, not going there” rebuttal.  

Saturday morning I was (as usual!) in and out of sleep, dreaming up a storm.  As I awoke I saw a little dinghy pull up to a shore and Jesus extend a hand to help me step out of it and onto solid ground.  The impression I got was that I was no longer going to be driven and tossed by the waves (a picture of the double-minded man mentioned in James 1).  

I am still working on getting my “land legs” and must confess that I had a bit of a wobble today, but I refuse to get back in that particular boat regardless of what my circumstances or emotions scream at me!  Now a ship?  That’s another matter entirely.  :)


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