Dreaming again


It’s gotten cold around these parts.  There was frost on the ground this morning, though the peppers are still hanging in there. Soon, though, the green will turn to brown as things die off.  Interesting that the opposite is happening in my life.  It feels like springtime, full of fresh hope and new life.  I’m learning to dream again!

This internship at Global has awakened my sleeping creativity.  I have so many things I want to do, videos to make, and even (possibly) a documentary.  I have more ideas than I have time to do them all.  And then there’s the big dream.  I spoke with Kevin about it this weekend.  We had a long discussion on the way to watch Deadraiser at Global last night.  (Yes, the movie was good, though I watch things with a much more critical eye now that I’m actually in media.  So yeah, there were some things that were rough, but no one cared.)  Anyway, I think it’s the first time I shared with him my if-I-could-do-anything-in-the-world dream.  We talked about that and other things not just then but the day before that had to do with the future.  Keep in mind that I’ve been seeing 333 everywhere and every time I see it I have pretty much quoted Jeremiah 33:3 to God.

After the movie there was a time of worship and prayer led by Aaron (the girl!) Horton.  She’s an amazing worship leader, and during that time she even sang some things that Kevin had talked about during prayer meeting that morning.  She had us speak our dreams out loud.  At one point (he told me later), Kevin had his eyes closed and his hand on my shoulder as he was praying when he suddenly opened his eyes and looked over his shoulder directly into the eyes of someone standing across the room (who was looking at us) and then went back into prayer.  He didn’t hear God say to do that, but somehow knew to.  Ten minutes later she comes over to us.  She said God wouldn’t let her go until she gave us the word He had given her.  

It’s one thing for someone to give you a prophetic word and quite another when they read your mail as a couple.  And she didn’t stop there, she went on to talk about our children and some other things that were very relevant and encouraging.  I recorded it on my iPhone.  And then it disappeared.  Seriously.  I probably made a mistake somehow and erased it, but I fought the disappointment with the knowledge that God doesn’t forget a thing and if I needed to hear something again He’d send another messenger.  I wrote down what I could remember and thanked God for all of it.  Kevin and I were both blown away and she was encouraged as well.

Before I left the producer of the film prayed the sweetest prayer for me and encouraged me to do what’s in my heart.  I also got to talk to Aaron a little.  She’s been sharing some awesome Facebook posts and it’s clear to see she’s madly in love with Jesus.  I told her I want to love Him like that!  She said she saw grace when she looked at me and it reminded me of Randy’s word at graduation in May.  Then she prayed and among other things said that her ceiling would be my floor!  Wow!  I can’t imagine what THAT would look like!!!  It sure touched me.  So often I hear that phrase and it’s usually by older people talking to the younger generation coming up.  There’s something special about the knitting together of the generations that is beginning to happen in the body of Christ!

I went in to Global today and started the process of downloading video and pictures to begin working on my projects.  I probably won’t have time to do much at all this week as Matt will be out so I will be in charge of the webcast.  Randy speaks tomorrow.  I’m hoping things run smooth as silk :)  


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