Rollin’ with Rolland


Last week we were honored to have Rolland Baker at school for two days of teaching.  Then he spoke again Friday and Saturday nights at another Pursuit conference.  I’d heard his wife, Heidi, speak on numerous occasions but didn’t know much about Rolland.  His grandfather was a missionary to Tibet and China and wrote the book “Visions Beyond the Veil.”  Rolland told stories about that and a revival I believe in Indonesia.  But first, he did what he does best, he spread joy in that peculiar way he does, with that mad-scientist laugh and childlike grin.  He makes no apologies for it either, nor should he.  When some got up and left on Friday night I wasn’t surprised (and I’m sure he wasn’t either).  It probably wasn’t too many years ago that I would have been one of those leaving.  It’s a shame they did, because they missed a great message.

Rolland has a way of peeling away the irrelevant things in life, and in the end most of his messages could be summed up in four words:  It’s all about Jesus.  The last message he spoke Saturday night he started off by saying “I feel sorry for God” and then led us through Iris Global’s core values and in the end left us with an understanding of the Father’s heart that we never had before.  

Then he throws a switch and starts praying for people and things get a little crazy, lol.  Being a student I was busy trying to keep people from falling on top of any who were already down and/or throwing modesty cloths over those who needed it.  At one point I had turned away and thought I was out of his reach when I felt something touch my back and my legs gave out.  I turned around to see that yes, it was Rolland with a “gotcha grin” on his face.  Gotta love him :)

Btw the directing went pretty well.  I had responsibility for the afternoon sessions as well as the evening one.  There was one minor snafu but the techie who was there straightened it out.  I can’t say things went without a hitch (I was more nervous than I thought I’d be), but we got the job done, so I’m a happy camper!  I’m relieved and more than happy to turn that responsibility back over to the pros!  

This week I will be going with about two-thirds of the first-year students to their outreach in Baltimore (the other third left today for Brazil).  I’m looking forward to it!  We did something like this during GSI back in 2011, so I expect it will be similar.  Stay tuned! 


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