1:09 a.m.


So my old flip phone has been known to turn on randomly at night (I mean by turn on that the screen just lights up).  Being someone who looks for significance in numbers, etc. (have I mentioned that I see 333 all the time lately?), I decided when I got out of bed in the morning I would see if I could figure out whether God was trying to tell me something.

1 John 1:9 came to mind, and I asked Him whether there was something I needed to confess.  Hearing nothing, I proceeded to look up other verses.  There were a few others, but nothing that really jumped off the page (although I really like Joshua 1:9).  On a random search of “109” I discovered that it is the 29th prime number, among other things.  I thought about JFK and his PT boat (you’d probably have to be 50 or above to understand that one!).  I thought about 1 meaning beginning and 9 meaning end (okay it’s just one of the meanings).  I pondered it for quite a bit until I was reminded of something I had wondered about as I was getting ready for bed.

Bill Johnson told a story at VOA a couple of years ago about talking a walk by a stream and wondering if a bee fell in the water whether a fish would eat it or not.  At that exact moment a bee flew in front of his face, hovered for a second, dropped straight down, and a fish swallowed it up!  His response was to look up and ask, “What kind of God are you?!!!” 

God has been driving home the point that I need to ask for more.  That’s what the 333 has been reminding me to do (Jeremiah 33:3).  As if to drive home the point that He’s listening (obviously, I needed to be reminded), I went to bed wondering whether–now that my old phone is disconnected from Verizon service–it would still randomly turn on at night.  He’s wonder-full :) 


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