Kingdom Mathematics


So Tuesday morning I wake up from a dream and all I remember is a big sign that said “2 + 1” so I tucked that away in the “Hmmmmm file” and headed to Global.  Dan Mohler was in that day.  If you’ve never heard him speak, do yourself a favor and YouTube him (“Becoming Love” is especially good).  He’s the pastor who mentored Todd White and is just an all-around awesome person.  He models what love looks like and has an incredible testimony.

At one point in his talk he said “One plus one equals a stronger one.”  It’s Kingdom mathematics.  Of course that got me wondering about the sign, so afterward I managed to get a couple of minutes with him and asked him if one plus one was a stronger one what was two plus one?  I don’t remember his answer exactly, but we did talk about marriage and unity.

Today William Preston (a pastor from Illinois) was in and spoke about the potter/clay passage, explaining it in a fresh way and teaching me a few things about making vessels fit for use.  The whole process of making a clay pot is actually quite a good example of what God does in our lives.  I think I’m in the stage (and I forget the name already) where the potter works the clay and presses and squeezes to get all the air out because if he doesn’t those air pockets will cause the pot to warp when it gets put in the fire.  He said that God is working on getting the “air-r-r-rogance” out :)  Made sense to me.

We had outreach after school at Urban Key in Harrisburg.  It was super hot and I’m pretty much wiped out from it, but it was a good experience.  I shot some video and hope to do something with it.  We shall see!


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