It’s official!


As of today I can now claim a senior citizen discount!  When did that happen?  Yes, it’s my birthday.  No, I didn’t do much celebrating.  Instead I spent most of the day at a flea market trying to sell some of the accumulation of needless stuff we have no room for.  It was somewhat successful–didn’t make much but something is better than nothing! 

I enjoy watching people.  Highlights of the day include three young ladies who just had to have the Jedi swords another vendor was selling!  There were some comical moments as they learned how to use them and then behaved like the warrior princesses they are :)  And while we’re on the subject of princesses, there was a young lady who turns to her father at some point and says, “Daddy, how much do you love me?”  I think everyone within earshot laughed at that one!  Finally there was a lady who told me that her husband goes in for cancer surgery tomorrow.  I asked if she was a believer and she said yes, so I spoke to her about her authority in Christ and taught her how to pray (i.e., to command the cancer to die in Jesus’ name!) and she said she would.  I hope to hear a good report someday :)

In other news it occurred to me that I failed to mention the fact that we moved into our house!  Labor Day weekend actually.  No, it’s not finished.  We still don’t have indoor plumbing and must flush the toilet (in the basement) with a bucket of water.  Kevin worked hard on it today but didn’t quite get finished.  Soon I hope to brush my teeth someplace other than at an outside faucet!!!  Oh, these first-world problems….


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