He makes a way


I hadn’t planned on going to VOA this year, seeing as it was in Orlando, but God had other plans.  As the conference neared I found myself wishing I’d have just gone for it.  I figured they might still need help in the Media Department and they did, and when I found out there was still room on the bus I was even more hopeful.  I had two days to make up my mind.  That night I had a dream, and though I won’t share it here let’s just say the main message was one of hope.  The next day I called a friend who had stayed with me at VOP two years ago and she said, “Come on down!”  So Sunday morning I booked my bus ticket, and that afternoon met at the ARC and headed for Florida!  (Note to self:  next time fly!)  I’d wrenched my back the week before the trip, so I had a difficult time getting any rest.  We arrived late morning on Monday and my friend picked me up.  I had enough time to take a short nap, which helped tremendously, and then the work began.  

I never knew how much work went into the media end of conferences (reproduction of CDs and DVDs etc.), and I must say I have a whole new respect for those who work in that department.  We were kept busy most of the time (fortunately there were some volunteers from a local church who helped as well).  I wish I’d have brought sneakers, because I was on my feet a lot and did a ton of walking as well.  I did get to hear Reinhard Bonnke the first night and Thursday night’s session with Bishop Joseph Garlington was, well, incredible!  The rest of the conference I shall have to watch on DVD.  

So why go if you miss 95% of it?  Well, for starters, this is my year to give back to Global, and what better way to start it?  It was good to get to know some of the people I’ll be working with these next nine months, and they sure appreciated the help.  I had the opportunity to meet up with the two sisters I stayed with in Denver last fall and also a friend from GSI.  I was especially proud when the latter received her diploma for being the first to graduate from CHCP!  There were also friends who were licensed, and I got to be there for that.  

And there were some “God moments” that were quite special.  During lunch with two friends I was thinking I should ask one of the ladies a question and heard “Ask her what her dreams are.”  So I said, “If you could do anything you wanted, anything at all, what would it be?”  She thought about it and gave her answer.  We talked about that a bit and then she opened her piece of Dove chocolate and the inside of the wrapper read, “Now is the time to follow your dreams.”  That’s when I realized it was a setup and went back in my memory and realized that yes, God was the one who told me to ask her that question. It blessed me as much as it blessed her!

Then there was the prophetic word that God gave me for a ministry leader who had posted something on Facebook a week earlier about needing some encouragement.  At the time I thought it would sure be nice to give her an encouraging word, though nothing came.  I saw her Monday night and afterward got a picture of her jumping on a trampoline.  Then the picture changed and she had fallen.   Others were still jumping and she was having trouble getting back up.  You have to time it right.  So a day or two later I saw her at the GSSM booth and shared what I saw and told her, “I think it’s just a timing thing.”  She said thank you, and that it was very accurate.  Yay God!  

So yeah, I went to VOA, and I’m glad I did.  He made a way where there was none!  He does that a lot, it seems.  But now I’m back home and trying to make a way for us to get into our new house, lol.  ~sigh~  Methinks it’s a timing thing, too :)


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